Back when I was planning my wedding, my mom & I used to reserve Fridays for vendor meetings, tastings, or DIY projects for my upcoming big day … we called them “Wedding Fridays.”  I used to look forward to them every week, and it was most often my movitation when frustrated with the craziness of my schedule or (in simple terms) – the fact that I didn’t often even have time to pee.
Now that I am a mom, my love of Fridays certainly hasn’t changed.  Obviously, if anything, I look forward to my Fridays MORE as a chance to enjoy an afternoon with my baby girl without the thought of having to leave her the following morning.  The exhilerated feeling I get when leaving school to go pick her up for our weekend of quality time together just never goes away.  We still meet my mom most weeks, although our new afternoons consist of Babies’R’Us and Baby Gap rather than the florist or the wedding day location.

Fridays during this month will (obviously) be holiday-related.  We took advantage of yesterday by taking Waverly to see Santa. I’ve always heard stories or seen videos of kids being scared of Santa Claus.  It seems that this year at least … Waverly Maye is unphased. Other than a strange look at the big man, she didn’t even blink an eye.  Here are the pictures we got … Even though “elves” we’re clearly not in a festive mood and wouldn’t let us get close to document the moment. (They wanted us to spend the $50 on their photograph, of course.)

Waverly’s Outfit is Rare Editions, Shoes are from Zulily, and Headband from Etsy.



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