Being Brickner : December 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Photos: Part Two

My look back on 2012 continues today, and these pictures are (without a doubt) my favorite since they are all with my Waverly Maye. 
10 - The first official photo of Waverly Maye on her birthday. 
This was taken 48 hours right after she was born, which was (by the way) 48 hours after the induction process started.
Just saying.  Yet she was (obviously) more than worth the wait. 
9 - This picture was taken the night she was born, in her very first outfit.  I love this outfit, and will definitely keep it forever.  Admittedly, a lot of thought went into her first ensemble, and the end result couldn't have been more perfect.  And neither could she. 

 8 - This was Waverly's "take-home" outfit, first time in the car seat, and first time out in the world.  Just like her first outfit, we searched for the perfect ensemble to take her home in.  Just like her ... the chosen attire was classic & feminine, with a fashion forward twist. 

7 - One Month!!!  Like many others, I have been taking monthly photos of Waverly Maye since she was born.  This photo shoot was definitely the hardest, since she was just a tad fussy at times when she was first born, but I managed to get a couple pictures.  Even though she is a little more squirmy now, we definitely have more options for from our monthly photo sessions. 

6 - Our first family trip to the zoo!  I like any kind of family activity, so I had been looking forward to taking my baby to the zoo since I first found out I was pregnant.  And even though Waverly was a little young to enjoy the entire experience, her bright blue eyes were wide open the entire time, just taking it all in.

5 - I obviously have a ridiculous amount of pictures of Waverly ...  in all different looks, in different positions, on different blankets, and on a bunch of different baby gear that we have in our home.  But for some reason, this is one of my favorite.  It may be the adorable baby legwarmers, but I think it has more to do with her precious smile.  This was right around the age that Waverly started to develop her sweet & spunky personality that I love oh so much.

4 - Another family outing I had been looking forward to since first starting to develop my baby belly?  The pumpkin patch, of course.  I love fall, the change of weather and the excitement of the holidays to come ... and experiencing it with Waverly was that much more special.

3 - Another pumkpin patch picture, from a different day.  I actually would have gone every day in the month of October if my husband would have let me.  This picture is one of my absolute favorite of me & my baby girl!  It says so much about how much I love her.  :) 

2 - Thanksgiving night, with my two favorite blue-eyed people in the world.  Another memorable, magical night with our baby girl.

1 - I've obviously made my love of Christmas clear, and how special it was with Waverly Maye.  This reindeer picture was my favorite of the many I took over the two days.  It shows how she was just taking all of the excitement of the day in.
So there you have it.  2012 is hours from becoming history, merely a memory of a significant year that has certainly changed our lives forever.  We begin 2013 as a family of three, with so much to look forward to that I can hardly stand it.  My resolution?  Not much different from last year.  It's to enjoy every single moment, to live in those moments, and ...
to keep blogging about all these moments so I won't forget them.  And so Waverly Maye can read about them all one day too.
PS - I hope she will.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in Photos: Part One

Now that 2012 is officially coming to a close, its an obvious time for reflection.  Without a doubt, it's been a big year.  It was at the beginning of this year that my journey towards motherhood began, and I certainly was clueless as to what it would bring.  Although I knew I was pregnant, I wasn't sure if it was viable, what we were having, and to put it lightly, anything about being a parent.  Now, as I type today's blog post, my five-month old baby girl is sleeping soundly in her brown & pink nursery.  Waverly Maye is on a (pretty good) routine, can roll over, and laughs out loud on a daily basis.
What a difference 12 months can make.
It's apparent that I like to take a picture or two, so I definitely have quite the collection of candids from 2012.  It was definitely hard to narrow them down, but I figured it was the perfect way to reminisce such a significant year.  Here are my Top Ten Photos from 2012 (Part One):
(I tried to narrow it down to just 10, but seriously, that was impossible.  So bear with me, there are two parts to this flash-back post.)
10.  To be fair, I must point out that this picture was actually taken in 2011.  But it is that important to me, and so relevant to this year, that I had to include it.  This was the night that we told my family that we were expecting a baby!!!  And this baby-to-be was the first grandchild on my side of the family.  Needless to say, there was definitely excitement in the air. (And one year later, Waverly Maye is definitely not hurting for attention, she's got plenty of love.)  
9.  I had to include one "bump" picture, because I took a ridiculous amount (surprised?).  This picture was taken in February, when I was about four months pregnant.  It is the first one with a hint of a baby bump that I could find (although it definitely got bigger than this).  The minute I found out I was preggers, I couldn't wait for my bump to show and although I am certainly glad to no longer have to walk in Motherhood Maternity now, I was proud of my belly.  A definite change to my previous fashion philosophy, I always wanted to adorn tight tops/dresses to show it off.

 8.  The first photo of "Baby B" - that we could actually tell that he/she was a baby.  I was so proud of this picture - I brought it everywhere with me & even made it the wallpaper on my phone.  This was before we knew Baby B was a she, but even though I didn't admit it then, I thought that little precious face looked rather feminine.

 7.  Best day EVER!  Baby B's gender reveal party ... when we found out that the little bun in my oven was a baby girl!  The only day I might have been that happy (other than my wedding day) was when we found out we were expecting.  I always hoped for a girl, but never voiced my strong desire, for obvious reasons.  The entire following day was spent shopping for ruffles, bows, and as many headbands as we could find.   

 6.  The start to Waverly Maye's nursery!  My sweet husband surprised me by painting and setting up the room while I was on a trip to NYC.  It was the perfect surprise, and definitely made our upcoming major life-change feel a lot more real. 

 5.  My first baby shower, hosted by two childhood friends.  I love a celebration, and this was definitely a reason to celebrate.  I felt lucky to be able to feel the love from all of my girlfriends, and of course to snag some pretty cute clothes to add to my baby girl's ever-expanding  closet.
 4.  My second baby shower, hosted by my sister-in-law & niece.  Another celebration full of pink & femininity that couldn't have been more perfect.  This one was closer to the due date so we didn't know if we would have an unexpected guest, but that definitely wasn't the case. 

 3.  Three weeks before my due date, although my bump was so big that I was convinced I was going to go into labor early.  I was so ready to meet my baby girl, but since she had not decided to make her debut, painting a flag on my stomache in honor of the 4th was the next best thing. 
 2.  Maternity Photos.  One of the parts of my pregnancy I was looking forward to from the start.  They came out great and I'm so glad I have this documentation from this special time.  (I payed a ridiculous amount of money for that documentation, but nevertheless, I got it.  Totally worth it.)
 1.  YAY!  We made it.  Last picture as a family of two, as Waverly Maye was born two days later. 
(Yep, two days.)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day: All Wrapped in a Post

Since finding out I was going to be a mom, among other things, I have a little obsessively been looking forward to sharing my love of Christmas with my son or daughter. 
I am pretty sure this image explains why ...
Even though she is only five months old, our Waverly Maye knew that there was just something special about Christmas Day.  She is always a happy baby, but all day, she just had a little extra sparkle in her eye.  Like mother, like daughter.  I just knew she would love it as much as I do.
Of course, we started the day by bringing Waverly Maye down the stairs to see what Santa had left for her.  It was one of those magical moments with my little family that I know will stay with me forever.
Our little Elf.  Wearing a headband from Target & PJs from Dillard's.
 Buying that Radio Flyer was so worth seeing her sitting in it.

 Christmas stocking made with love by my mother-in-law.  It is definitely bigger than her.
 We spent the rest of the morning at my parents house and then at my in-laws.
 Yep.  We're wearing matching PJs. 
Don't judge. 
 Sweetest picture of Waverly & her Bella that I have to share. 
A heart-melter.
 Our little reindeer.  I know this may be the biggest headband yet, but I just can't help myself.  If antlers were appropriate year-long and she would let me, I would put them on her daily.
Outfit is Rare Editions from Dillard's and antlers were purchased online.
This reindeer sure is happy.  I could post 10 more pictures with a face this smiley.  In an effort to not go completely overboard, I won't ... but in her five months of life, I've never had a set of pictures with this many smiles.  It completely legitamizes her love of the day. :)
One last photo - Waverly's Christmas PJs. 
On a final sentimental note (the "sentimental" thing is certainly not uncommon in my personality) -
Being a mom definitely puts life into perspective.  Over the past five months since giving birth to this sweet little girl, I have been able to watch the world I have become so familiar with through her eyes.  Even simple tasks during our daily routine are exciting and new to her, and that gives new life meaning to me.  So to experience such a special & magical time such as Christmas with her is pretty much the most rewarding thing I can think of. 
 I can't wait until next year.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve: All Wrapped Up in a Post

Waverly Maye's first Christmas Eve & Day are officially complete.  As expected, celebrating my favorite holiday as a mom was pretty much perfection.  Watching my sweet baby girl's blue eyes light up at all the excitement that the day brough seriously made me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. 
Being a mom really is the coolest thing ever.
Christmas Eve morning, we wrapped Waverly in a festive headband and (of course) went to Target for some last minute shopping.  I don't know that we have ever spent a Christmas Eve not shopping. Even when there is nothing left to buy, I just can't help but taking in the last few spirited moments of the busy shopping season.  It's a good thing we are training Waverly early; I see quite a few more Target shopping trips in her future.
 Waverly had another Elf Gift to open.  Her headband is from Hip Squeaks, Onesie is from H&M, and shorts/tights are from Gap.
For dinner, we kicked off the official holiday with an Open House at my in-laws, dinner at my grandparents, and present-unwrapping at my parents house.  I was nervous about how our five-month old would cope with such a busy schedule, but she pleasantly surpised me.
I am pretty sure she knew what a special day it was. 

 Waverly is wearing a headband from Nordstrom, oufit from Mudpie, and shoes from Old Navy.

I am still getting used to the fact that I am actually old enough to be someone's mom, but playing Santa Clause?  That was just bizarre.  Especially since he is still visiting me at my own parents house, seeing that I have been so nice each year.  Needless to say, even though she won't exactly remember, my husband & I spent the later part of the evening setting up Waverly's array of gifts from St. Nick.
Waverl'ys big gift was the Radio Flyer, which we used to set all of her other gifts in.
I am not sure who it was truly for - as the sight of her sitting in it was the only gift I needed this Christmas.
Of course, before going to bed, we set out cookies for Santa & tossed some food on the lawn for his reindeer.  I know we set out the presents - but we can at least believe he makes a stop by, right?

It was such a sweet day for my sweet girl.  Christmas Day tomorrow ...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Odds & Ends

Now that Christmas has come & gone, I have enough pictures to fit a couple of photo albums (surprised?) and could most likely recount the experience in a short novel.  But since even I am not "Christmas crazed" enough to do either of the two, a couple of posts will have to suffice. 

I had previously posted regarding my Holiday Bucket List - the list of holiday-related experiences, traditions, and family fun that I wanted to make happen this year.  I am pleased to report that I accomplished almost every single one.
That one we didn't get to?  The holiday movie.  It seems I am too ADD to sit down for an entire film these days, and Waverly Maye's short attention span obviously isn't any better.  We will try again next year on that one.

Since I'm now officially a Mom, two of the traditions that I wanted to start with my own family were the elves (check!) & the tablecloth.  The Eve of Christmas Eve we started the Brickner Family Christmas Tablecloth. 

This one is my parents - almost completely full as they have been adding to it every year!

 We put Waverly's "mistletoes" on both my parents tablecloth & our own.

 The start to our tablecloth - Can't wait to add on to it each year!

Our Ornament Exchange Night Followed our Tablecloth/Ornament Creating/Cookie Baking Day.
New Mom & Dad Ornaments :)

 And of course, a festive outfit for Miss Waverly Maye.  Headband is Mudpie, Onesie is H&M, Skirt is from Kohls.

   The last gift that Ellie & her Elves brought to Waverly was her PJs for Christmas Eve.  Here is the last Elf Poem for 2012 -
 Today's the last day, but please don't be sad,
Santa's coming tomorrow, it will be the most fun you've had.
He tells us you've been nothing but nice this year,
Bringing your mom and dad lots of joy & cheer,
These holiday jammies are for you to wear to bed tonight,
When you see what Santa brings, we know you will smile bright.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Waverly Maye's Five Month Report

Age:  Five Months

Height:  23 1/2 inches

Weight:  14 lbs.

Milestones:  Waverly Maye is continuing to grow & progress each day - sometimes I feel like I come home from work and she has matured since I left that morning.  Although she still hasn't rolled over, she is beginning to tolerate tummy time a little more and can lay on her stomache for a full five minutes (that is big for us!).  We know she is (physically) strong enough to do it, but is so (mentally) strong-willed that she is going to do it on her own time.   She is almost sitting up completely on her own, she is able to put almost her entire body weight on her legs when holding her up, and she bounces up & down all on her own.  We are starting to think that she will crawl & walk before rolling over!  She also officially found her toes, fingers, and become way more adaptable to the stroller.

Sleep:  (Or lack of sleep at the moment ... ).  I seriously can't complain, because Waverly has always been such a good sleeper, and I know we could definitely have it way harder than we do.  We finally moved Waverly into her own room, out of the swing & into the Rock'n'Play.  She adjusted, although this new move certainly caused a few more wake-ups during the night.  And now, in an effort to confront the inevitable, we have officially put her in her crib for three nights in a row.  It definitely has not been the smoothest transition, but we are working our way there.  And honestly, I was expecting it to be way harder than it has been.  The move has been harder on me than Waverly (I miss that sweet face sleeping next to me, but at least she is just a room away).

Eating:  It has been a month of transition for Waverly's eating situation, too.  At her four month appointment, we were given the go-ahead for rice cereal.  I was super excited, immediately went out and bought bright-colored bowls & matching spoons - and got the video camera, regular camera, and Iphone cameras ready.  Needless to say, she wasn't into it.  At all.  We have since tried oatmeal & a different spoon, bib, & chair ... yet she would still just rather drink mommy's milk.  We are going to keep attempting, but not going to push it until 6 months.  My baby girl definitely knows what she wants. 

Favorite Moments:  It may sound like this has been a rough month, but even with all of the changes, Waverly has been happier than ever.  She is overall such a smiley baby girl, and anywhere we go (which is a lot of places!), people comment on how content & adorable she is.  So each moment with her is the best, and even when I don't think I could enjoy her more, I do.  Favorite times of the day are still the mornings, bath time, when I get home from work, & (a new favorite past-time), our walks in the jogging stroller.  And obviously, celebrating her first Christmas was AMAZING ... combining my favorite holiday with my favorite person in the world ... you don't get any better than that.

Worst Moments:  It's hard to say any moment with her is any kind of worst, yet the hardest moments have definitely been at night.  Other than missing her being in the same room with me, I hate it that she is having a hard time sleeping and would rather just snuggle her into bed in my arms or let her breastfeed all night long.  But as my own  mom keeps telling me, don't take the easy way out, and this is what is best for her in the long run. 

Extra Comments:  I have looked forward to being a mom my whole life, but I never thought it would actually be this amazing.  Watching her grow & experience life moments (such as Christmas!) gives my own life an entire new meaning.  And as cliche as it sounds, even though she is just five months old, I can't even begin to imagine what life before her was like.  I would do absolutely anything for that sweet, beautiful little girl. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

It's here ... Merry Christmas Eve! 
Today will be the final post in Waverly's Chic Countdown to Christmas.  At least for 2012. 
We went to see Santa one last time & I have to share the photos.  These, by far, are the best ones we got.  We went to Bass Pro Shops (Hampton, VA) after researching to find a place that would actually allow us to take pictures without buying the $50.00 photo package.  This was after we were asked (by the elves) to leave the premises at our local mall for sneaking a few photos on my Iphone.  They were definitely not in the most festive of moods.  The people at Bass Pro, however, were extremely warm & friendly and we will definitely go back. :)
We loved this Santa.

Had to share another seasonal ensemble.  Waverly's outfit is Rare Editions & sold at Dillards & Macy's.
Her headband is from Etsy.

And since she has been so good this year, Ellie & her elves have been back to visit sweet Waverly Maye twice since I last updated.  

 We've come back again for the fifth day,
Yes, we have something else for Waverly Maye.
Today we brought something to go with a gift from before,
Remember the one you got on Day Four?
This swim cap will go with that bathing suit,
Wear it this summer, you will look super cute.
  Waverly's outfit is Rare Editions and can be purchased at Macy's or Dillards.  This headband is also from Etsy.
 There is only one day left, it's Day #6,
The elves are so excited, they are doing high kicks, 
Today, we brought you a very special book,
We knew it was perfect after having only one look.
So read it, Waverly Maye, with your mom & your dad,
They told me that you are the best gift that they've ever had.
Waverly's headband is from Little Hip Squeaks on Etsy.  Her onsie is H&M and shorts/tights are from Gap.  
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Halls are Decked

Now that Christmas will officially be here in less than 48 hours,
I thought I would share the festive touches I have added to Waverly's nursery for this holiday season.
This certainly isn't the first year that Christmas has arrived in what feels like days after I put the decorations up.  I'm thinking this year I'm just not going to take them down?  Christmas in July?
Snowflakes (Micheals) are hung by her crib with care.
(The crib she doesn't sleep in, but we are working on that.)

Lights on her changing table (that she loves to play with) and a festive pink tree (Target.)

Our Elf on the Shelf, Ellie.
Speaking of Ellie, she has been to visit twice since I wrote last.  Here is Day #5.

We've come back again for the fifth day,
Yes, we have something else for Waverly Maye.
Today we brought something to go with a gift from before,
Remember the one you got on Day Four?
This swim cap will go with that bathing suit,
Wear it this summer, you will look super cute.
Waverly is wearing a Headband from Etsy & a Onsie from Target.