Being Brickner : Drama in the Department Office

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Drama in the Department Office

Day two of my return to work was even more bearable than day one ... Waverly only woke up once in the night, leaving me with more sleep, I was less nervous and a little more prepared, and I was mentally more aware that the day would go by fast and I would be home with my baby girl before I knew it.

However, there was one slight hiccup.  A hiccup I have since laughed off ... But that I must mention.  During my second block, the time I have allotted for my pumping session, I walked down to our department office just as I did the day before.  The difference?  This time ... I ended up walking back with milk soaked down my brand new turquoise shirt, just in time to meet & greet my brand new third block.  Enough said.  It's a story I'll share with our Waverly Maye one day.

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