Due Date Has Arrived …

Well, we made it.  Today marks officially 40 weeks … Little Miss Brickner is officially “fully” cooked and we are sooooo ready to meet her.  The nursery is completely complete (I mean, we really couldn’t fit another PINK-themed item in there if we wanted to), the house has been cleaned top to bottom (including a steam clean on the carpets and a visit from the pest control), and my bag has been packed for approximately a month and a half. 
All we need is our little girl.
This countdown is different from the one for the wedding, for many reasons.  Although we looked forward to (and prepared) for both through months & months, and we knew both events would mark a change in our lives (obviously one more than the other, especially since we have been dating for almost half of our lives now) … the wedding had a definite date.  This time – it’s all up to her.  So the waiting game continues.  And it looks like she is going to have a love of fashion, and be fashionably late, like her mother.  At least we know it is getting close ………

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