Infection While Expecting …

NOT I am complaining …
I am completely aware that this nine months of a new body/feeling of being will be MORE than worth it.  But as many, many others who have been down this road before me know well …
BABY in Belly = Occasional feelings of nausea, extreme hunger, headaches, emotional ups & downs and now (for me), one STRONG upper respiratory infection.
Since hitting the second trimester (a mark I was really looking forward to), I (thankfully) have felt better.  The nausea has certainly calmed down, and I am even able to make it down the stairs to join my husband for dinner most nights of the week.  I am feeling good, just as my books as told me I would, and I have definitely welcomed this much-needed relief with open arms.
Then came Thursday evening, specifically around 1 AM.  I must explain that Thursday nights are one of my favorite nights of the week (second only to obviously, Friday & Saturday) for the very reason that it is the night before the weekend begins.  But this particular Thursday was not ideal – since I was awoken with a feeling in my throat that I knew meant a rough few days to come.
Now, five days later, I officially know that an upper respiratory infection has invaded my (and baby’s) body.  But with knowledge comes power, and I have been prescribed with a medicine deemed safe to take while expecing precious Baby B.  So I HOPE to be that glowing, expecting mom-to-be again in just a few days.  Fingers crossed. 🙂


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