Being Brickner

Friday, February 16, 2018

Baby B THREE!!

Aaaaah, we are having another BABY!!!!!!!  Thank you so, so much for sharing in our excitement this week, your support and sweet comments mean so much to all of us.  I hate keeping secrets, especially one this big, so it's been so fun to finally share (and to not have to hide this baby three bump anymore!).

So, we found out CHRISTMAS morning, the best (and most SHOCKING!) present ever.  We have always known we wanted a big family, but just weren't sure of the timing.  I've never felt "ready" to even think about another baby until each of my girls were at least two, and when Avalon turned two early last summer, I knew I was closer to wrapping my head around it, but we also had a lot going on (with both work changes for my husband, house renovations, and getting ready to try to sell & buy another home).  So we decided to wait a while to try for baby three, we definitely planned and tried for both our first two kids, so I just assumed this time it would be no different -- we would wait until things calmed down and plan for it just like we did the first two times.  And then came Christmas morning.  I didn't feel pregnant at all, the thought of it being a possibility hadn't even popped into my head, so when my husband put the pregnancy test into my stocking (as a joke!), I thought he was ridiculous and lost his mind.  Yet it was there, so I took it, and never in a million years thought it would be positive, but two little lines popped up, both way more quickly and way darker than they did either of my first two pregnancies.

If you know me, you know I am SUCH a planner (to a fault), so this was such a different experience than with the girls.  I was shocked, so, so shocked, but really in the best kind of way.  Alllll the things were running through my head (I had no idea what we were going to do about the house, handling three kids while my husband was in a job change, when was the baby even due?!, three kids will never fit in my small SUV, we haven't even thought of names ...... ) -- but ultimately none of that mattered when I looked at my two little girls and realized that we got to have another one of these sweet lives to call our own!!!  It honestly was the best thing that could have happened to my over-planning personality, and this sweet baby will always be the greatest surprise of my life.  It's now a month and a half later and we still have none of those details worked out, not even close, but I am 100% certain we have a whole lot of love to give and if parenting has taught me anything, it's that when it comes down to it, that's all that matters.

The girls are soooo excited, Waverly of course just "gets it" this time around and is so into it, and Avalon pretty much copies everything she does, so she of course is really into it as well.  They love to kiss my belly and that's always the first thing they do when they see me after work, and we've also been using the our doppler the last couple of weeks so they can hear the baby's heartbeat.  I think the hardest part for them will be waiting so long, they are already waking up and asking if we can "open my belly to get the baby out today".  September first is our official due date (two days after my own birthday!), so the countdown starts now!!!!  Cannot WAIT!  Thank you again for being a part of our journey and for always being so supportive. XO

Friday, February 9, 2018

Waverly's Room Refresh

We have been knee deep in house projects since the start of the year over here, which is always super exciting and fun, and of course it also adds an entire new level of chaos to a life with little ones.  Thankfully we are finally done (!!!) with everything, just a couple months later than we had originally planned, we gutted and completely renovated our master bathroom in the month of January and now our house is officially ready to put on the market!  We are still going back & forth on what we may end up doing, for a few reasons, but for now are loving all the new improvements and just soaking them in while we are still at our current home.

We recently added some fun new details in Waverly's room that I wanted to share, each of the girls rooms are probably my favorite two in the house, decorating spaces for little people is just too much fun!  Wherever we end up, we will most likely put the girls together, this has been our plan forever  but Avalon is still content in her crib and I'm just not ready to give that up quite yet (second kid).

I teamed up with Opal & Olive on these wooden signs and they are the sweetest, most darling little additions to her room!!  They are super high quality and she has a ton of other options as well, the "tiny girl gang" was my favorite and I love the idea of it when the girls share a room.

We also upgraded to a new comforter, we worked with Beddy's on this and if you have never heard of them, you MUST check them out!  Their bedding is made for kids, with zippers on both sides, so it fits on like a bedsheet.  This has been a total game-changer for mornings at our house, especially during the week, Waverly can make her bed all on her own and she loves to do it!  The inside is also super soft and cozy, she loves to get "zipped" up in it at night so much (as do I because, bedtime!).

See below for links for everything pictured in this post, hope you guys had the best week!!! XO

Signs -- Knobs (Similar) -- Dress-up Mask -- Tutu -- Necklaces -- Bedding -- Doll 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Our Ladies Lately

Once again I blinked and my girls are halfway through another year, we are going to celebrate their half-birthdays this weekend with our annual half of a cake and birthday song!  It's also been forever since I have done an update on each of them, so it seemed like perfect timing.

Waverly Maye, age five & a half, she was officially halfway to SIX on the 26th. 
 Kindergarten has been both wonderful and an adjustment.  She loves her friends SO MUCH, loves PE, loves lunch, loves getting all dressed up for the day (with all the accessories) and loves learning in general.  Going from three half-days a week in preschool to full-day, everyday kindergarten leaves her pretty tired though, and sometimes the afternoons can be challenging since she has tons of energy saved up and also is just plain exhausted.  We have moved up bedtime a bit and I absolutely love reading stories and cuddling with her at the end of the day, which is also the time that she will really tell me all about what happened in school or about how she is feeling.  Losing our dog at Christmas was really hard on her, maybe even more than anyone in the house.  She still talks about him daily, we've written him a "letter in heaven", and she always just wants to make sure he is doing alright up there.  It shows what a big heart she has, she really loves so hard and feels even harder.  When she comes up with an idea she is going to do it, 110%, which will always be one of my favorite things about her.  She is the girliest of girls, loves jewelry, all things princess, performing, and wants to play "mommy and baby" with Avalon (her very best friend in the whole wide world) at least once a day.  She still reminds me a lot of myself and is forever the one who made me a mama.  Goodness I love her so.

Avalon Elle, age two & a half, her birthday is June 6th so she is officially closer to THREE than two.
Forever as sweet and silly as they come.  She's really grown into her personality lately, she loves to make anyone laugh and once she knows it's working, will do it forever.  Her little voice is my FAVORITE, the way she pronounces "Waver-wee" and says "here am I" when she walks into a room, I wish it would stay forever!  We are officially in that independent stage, she is determined to do everything herself, we went through the same thing with Waverly but I am pretty sure it's at a much higher level this time around since she wants to be JUST LIKE her big sister.  She loves preschool, is a little obsessed with the boys there (so funny!), and always loves to tell us about her "boyfriend" when she gets home.  Her favorite color is currently blue, she loves balls and anything with wheels, and doesn't go a day without requesting Peppa Pig.  She still has the sweetest demeanor in the world, can make anyone fall in love with her, and is the worst eater in the history of EVER (would literally only eat cookies three meals a day if we let her).  She's just the best, still looks so much like my husband and reminds me of him too, which is the sweetest thing ever to me.

People always said that once your babies aren't technically "babies" anymore that it gets way easier, but I'm just going to go ahead and call it like it is (at least at our house), and that's certainly not the case.  The challenges are way different, but still definitely there, and some days by the time bedtime rolls around goodness I am READY.  The highs and heart-melting joys are still very real though too.  It never fails, just when I feel mom guilt or wonder if we even come close to know what we are doing raising these little people into good humans, they do something amazing and my heart swells with pride and I just can't even believe that they are ours.  They will always be so much more than worth it.

Dresses c/o Colored Organics
Wishing you the happiest FEBRUARY, one of our favorite months of the year!!!!!! XO  

Friday, January 26, 2018

Family Pictures

I am fiiiiinally getting around to sharing some favorites from our family photo session taken back in November for our holiday cards!  We met our sweet friend Shawna for these, in one of our absolute favorite locations to explore in Virginia Beach, I love how they turned out and am so happy to have another set of beautiful memories to look back on.

Also keeping it real, the girls were not on their best picture-taking game this day.  Avalon fought a nap all afternoon and then finally fell asleep on the way there, so we had to wake her up and she was super grouchy (not like her at all) and clingy pretty much the entire time.  Waverly Maye, girlfriend was on her own agenda and still in the stage of practicing her own independence as a new kindergartener.  Our girls usually enjoy taking pictures and get pretty into it, so it was pretty frustrating that they weren't the one day of the year we had holiday photos, yet such is motherhood.  Through the years I am learning more and more to embrace the good and the not so good, because somehow, I know I will miss it all one day.  And when you step back, all of it is beautiful in it's own way.

The biggest thank you to Shawna Bielat Photography for capturing these, I have also linked my dress and the girls outfits below! XO

My Dress -- Waverly's Dress -- Girls Hats

Friday, January 12, 2018

Snowfall 2018

Well, the "snow bomb cyclone" (whatever that is) hit us last Wednesday night and we are still feeling the effects, yesterday we had our SIXTH day off school in a row.  So crazy!!  I always hope for one snowfall a year, we usually get our fill after that, but goodness it is so breathtakingly beautiful.

Thursday morning, the girls woke up bouncing off the walls, it was still snowing like crazy but they were determined to go out in it.  Avalon really wasn't that into it last year, but this time around she LOVED it, her favorite part was making snow angels and of course attempting to eat all the snow.  Waverly Maye could have lasted all day without going inside, she is such an outdoor girl, just like her daddy.  We switched off between movies and hot chocolate inside and then trips out in the snow,         and pretty much did the same for the the few days after.  We bought some sleds off Craig's List last year and it was definitely everyone's favorite part!  

It truly was so beautiful and such a fun way to kick off 2018, but we most certainly have a big case of cabin fever and are ready to get back to a normal routine again.  Hope you all are staying warm and having the best new year so far!!! XO

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy 2018!

Happiest New Year friends, hope your January is off to the most beautiful start!  We celebrated New Years Eve by gutting our master bathroom for the FINAL remodel project on our house, fit in baking a festive cake and some sparklers with the girls, and then had an early dinner with friends.  Of course per usual we were home, in bed and in PJs well before midnight, our favorite way to kick off the new year! 

As much as I love the holidays, I love a clean slate (and house) once January hits just as much.  I am such a Virgo, it's rare for me to wait much longer than the day after Christmas to put everything away, to start organizing new toys and give away old ones, and to make lists about goals and thoughts for the new year ahead.  This time around was no different, especially since we are in the process of (hopefully!) selling our house and purchasing a new one in the next few months -- it's been overwhelming and a lot of work, but we are so excited to see where this takes us in the new year!

2017 was full of surprises for us, some wonderful and others challenging.  We had some of our highest highs and some definite lows, but what sticks out to me more than anything is that we figured it all out.  Together.  Our girls are thriving, happier and sillier and closer to each other than ever, and not a day goes by that I am not crazy thankful for them.  I am so proud of my husband, who had to make some major career decisions this past year but as always, did it with grace and by putting our family first.  We already know that 2018 is going to be busy, but we couldn't be more excited for it!!  These truly are the days, and there is no better time of year to remind myself to soak them in and be fully present for them than now.  I hope the same for you, wishing you a year full of love and so much happiness! XO

Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas 2017

This Christmas was by far our best and most special yet. The girls are at the absolute perfect ages for all the magic, still obviously young enough to believe in everything and be really into it, but also old enough to understand.  Waverly did not miss a thing, loved every little part, and Avalon was beyond precious.  It was the first year she actually wanted to open her own presents and her little eyes were just wide open the entire time.

Christmas Eve was really busy for us, we spent most of the morning at brunch with family and then afterwards spent some time at home wrapping last-minute gifts, baking cookies for Santa, and letting the girls watch marathons of Christmas movies.  We had an early dinner at my grandparents, exchanged some more presents, and then headed back home to get the girls ready for bed.  This is always one of my favorite parts, I love watching them set out the cookies for Santa and throw out the reindeer food, this year more than ever I kept thinking about how sad it will be when one day they don't believe in it anymore!!  After they finally made it to sleep, we played Santa for the sixth year now!  This time definitely took the longest to set up (note to self for the future, set up the toys that have a lot of steps the week before and hide them!), we were exhausted by the time we were finally done, but going to sleep knowing how much the girls have to look forward to in the morning is always well worth it.

Christmas morning was everything, there is always so much anticipation to it but it also never disappoints.  Waverly got up first, per usual, and waited for Avalon, and then we all ran downstairs to find that Santa had came!!!  Waverly had asked for all things Shimmer & Shine, and Avalon wanted all Peppa Pig, so they were both excited to find a bunch of that, along with a new dollhouse and easel for their joint presents that have already been used a ton.  We also got them both jump ropes and hula hoops, Waverly had asked for them but of course we knew that they would fight over them if we didn't get two of each.  Avalon calls them "hul-ee hoops" and it is my favorite!

The trade-off for a busy Christmas Eve is that we get a Christmas day spent entirely at home, which is really important to us.  We had family stop by through out the day and hosted a dinner that night, the absolute best way to end a beautiful holiday. 

My brother has been in town from Colorado this week so we are soaking up some extra family time and looking forward to ringing in the New Year in a few days.  Merry Christmas, friends, hope it was perfect!!!! XO