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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Baby Girl Three!

Our sweet surprise baby on the way is a GIRL!!!!!!!!  A baby SISTER!  We are over the moon excited and already counting down the days to meeting her.

We found out a few weeks ago after the results came back from our blood test, but it honestly doesn't even feel real yet.  When I was younger, I was pretty convinced that we would end up with a bunch of boys, I'm not even sure why I thought that and know it would have been incredibly amazing in it's own way, but here I am, 16 weeks pregnant with my third baby girl and feeling overwhelmed with joy and so very thankful.  I just keep thinking of what a magical childhood 
our girls will have growing up together, and maybe even more special, the sisterhood that they will share for their entire lives.  Since we've shared our news, I've had so many people message me or comment on how they are one of three sisters and it was their favorite, or how they knew a family with all girls and how special it was to see them together, and all of that just makes me smile so much.  I am soooo happy for them and already get butterflies thinking of seeing our THREE sissies together for the first time!

My husband is just fine, I think it takes a very special man to be able to raise girls and he's got it down.  He can braid hair like a boss and helps put princess dresses on without blinking an eye, and of course our girls love all of that, but they also care about the stuff he is into just as much.  One of Waverly's favorite things is watching deer hunting videos and Avalon's favorite color is blue, she would rather play with a bunch of cars than dolls any day.  I love that he raises them to think (or know!) that they can do anything or be into anything that boys can, and I know he will do the same with our next little lady.

She is so very loved already!

The biggest thank you for sharing in our excitement this week, it truly mean so much! XO

All images by Shawna Bielat Photography.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Moving Time!

Just in case it didn't seem like we had enough going on over here with a new job for my husband and a third baby on the way, we decided to really make things fun and officially sell our house!  Honestly there's not much else I can do but laugh when I think about all these changes at once, I am really not that good of a multi-tasker and usually try to stick to one thing at a time, but this is how it worked out and obviously how it was meant to be.  Life is currently a little crazy but we are certainly feeling so grateful for what we have and also stronger together than ever.

When we bought our first house five years ago, we knew it wouldn't be our forever home but were super excited to start raising our family there while also doing some home improvements along the way.  There were (and still are!) a ton of things I love about it but I knew we would want to be in a different area eventually and also didn't really love the schools that we were zoned for.  At the time, we only had one kid, a baby Waverly who was less than a year and it felt like we had all the time in the world.  Then of course I blinked, it was this past fall and we had two little girls, one who was starting kindergarten and another who wasn't all that far behind.  A few weeks after Waverly started school this past September, it became pretty clear that getting the girls to the area that we would be in while they were growing up (and in schools that we really, REALLY loved!) was a priority to us.  Both my husband & I went to the same schools, with the same friends, throughout our 13 years and though I know that can't always happen for everyone, we really wanted to make that work for our kids if we could.  So we were determined to finish the projects around the house we knew we needed to in order to list it, and also spent our extra time on the weekends starting to look around at other houses to buy.

And then came late December, and we found out about a surprise baby on the way!  We couldn't have been happier about it, but it also made us really re-think the timing of moving and whether it was realistic and worth it, or if it would just stress us out.  We went back & forth about it forever, what seemed like the right decision one hour was the wrong one the next, and we really struggled with figuring out what the right move for all (five!) of us would be.  We ultimately decided to wait, at least until the baby was six months, Waverly was liking her school a lot more and there really weren't any houses on the market that we had fallen in love with anyways.  And then the very NEXT DAY two houses popped up, both that we loved but that we couldn't put offers on since we hadn't listed our house quite yet.  We 100% took it as a sign and decided to list our house the following week.

We had never sold a house and completely didn't know what to expect, I really thought it would sit on the market for a few months and we would maybe sell it, but if so we would have tons of time to think about it and could really think it through again if we needed to.  So we were SHOCKED when we had three full-price offers within 24 hours of listing it, and were under contract with one of those offers the following day.  Since then we've been through both the inspection and appraisal, both of which went through, and currently have two more weeks until closing when we have to be out of our first home!!!

So, allllll the feelings.  We are so excited about this new chapter, but it's also pretty bittersweet.  All of the girls memories are from this home, as well as most of ours as a young family, so many special moments with birthdays and holidays and just everyday things, and of course bringing Avalon home from the hospital.  We have started packing boxes and I know they don't really understand it, so that has been hard to explain.  Ultimately though, I know it's for the best and I am so happy for all of us!  Up until about a week ago, we had no idea where would be going (and were possibly going to rent month to month until we found "the" place for us), but are currently under contract for our new home and we LOVE IT so much!!!  I'm very superstitious so I'm going to wait to share about it until it's officially ours, but I hope to be sharing some pictures soon!  Until then, a photo of the girls in our house last year on Easter, I'm already a little sad thinking that we won't be there to celebrate one of our favorite holidays in a few weeks.  Our first home will always hold a special place in my heart and I already know how much it will be missed.

Happiest weekend, friends, hope it's a good one! XO

Friday, March 9, 2018

Roll & Go Stroller // Babyroues

We have started collecting some fun things for baby number three, it's so crazy how many new and updated baby products there are now, just three years after I was pregnant with Avalon.  I'm trying to be better than I was the first time around (when I needed allllll the things), and really stick to what is essential and I know we can't live without.  That's seriously the one piece of advice I wish I could go back and give myself six years ago, when I was a first time expecting mama and registering for literally the entire Babies R Us store.

I have such a love/hate relationship with strollers.  It never fails, when I actually bring it out with us, the girls want nothing to do with it, and I end up pushing the huge stroller around with zero kids in it and instead, three packs of half empty goldfish and the one lone sippy cup that we didn't lose along the way.  When I don't bring it, I regret it, they complain that their legs hurt and I end up somehow carrying each of them plus my huge bag that I have no where to put, since I didn't bring a stroller.  Tell me I am not the only one. 

We currently have a double stroller, which is convenient and I am sure we will use with Avalon and the new baby, but I really wanted another option that was smaller, more lightweight and practical for just the baby.  Babyroues recently sent us their new Roll & Go stroller and I am SO EXCITED about how easy it is to use.  We have been testing it out with Avalon, it's lightweight but still full-sized, with enough room to hang my bag and carry anything else random in the bottom basket.

The feature I am most excited about, a pull handle that transforms the stroller into a luggage like carry-on.  This is so convenient for stairs, escalators, and especially for traveling.  We are planning to fly to Colorado not long after the baby is born for my little brother's wedding and this will be so helpful and take a lot of stress off!

If you are in the market for a new stroller, the Roll & Go can be purchased here.  Happy strolling! XO

This post was sponsored by Babyroues, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, February 26, 2018

First Trimester: Baby Three

Well, I am officially thirteen weeks pregnant and out of the first trimester!  In some ways these last couple of months have felt like a couple hundred, and in others it's flown by.  Either way, I'm heading into trimester two still feeling pretty nauseous and exhausted, but mainly so incredibly thankful to be growing a healthy baby.  I won't be doing weekly updates this time around, I just don't have the time, but it's still important to me to document this pregnancy.  I love looking back on the updates from each of the girls, and they (especially Waverly, now that she is older) LOVE to hear about and look at pictures of memories from when they were in my belly.  I want this sweet baby of ours to know that he or she is just as loved as our first two, things miiiight just be a little more chaotic now. ;)

This first trimester has probably been my hardest one yet.  All three times, I've felt pretty much exactly the same -- completely nauseous all day long, exhausted out of my mind, and starving but with tons of food aversions -- but this time around it's just felt way more brutal, maybe because I'm older, maybe because we've also had a lot going on with the house, or probably mostly, I also have two other kids to run after.  I just hate not having the energy that I normally do, especially when it comes to the girls, but I keep reminding myself that the beginning part is short-lived and SO WORTH IT.  My husband is a saint, the girls have been so sweet & understanding (my favorite part, getting their doctor's kit out to help all the time!), and I made it a conscience decision to really give myself some grace which made everything so much easier.  I really love being pregnant and both other times started to feel 100% better at this point, I am already turning a corner and definitely can't wait to really get there soon!

We have had three ultrasounds so far, I am actually a high risk pregnancy because of my age, I will be 35 TWO DAYS before my due date and apparently that's the cut-off.  So crazy, I definitely don't feel old enough to be considered "advanced age" but love the extra appointments and getting to see the baby more.  This most recent one, the baby was moving around like crazy, the side profile was beyond precious and reminded me so much of both Waverly & Avalon.  It's crazy, this may be our third baby but seeing that sweet little face and hearing the heartbeat is every bit as magical as the first time, maybe even more now that we know how much we have to look forward to!

From the beginning, most people we have told about this pregnancy have said two things.  First, "congrats!!!", and second, "are you hoping for a boy?".   Which honestly, after a while, can drive you CRAZY!!!  We would love to experience a boy, I've heard all the things about the special mother & son bond, have been hoarding boy clothes ideas for years, and also think the girls would be so sweet & adorable with a little brother.  With that being said, we happen to ADORE having little girls, adding another would be just as amazing and the idea of raising three little ladies gets me all sorts of excited.  Really, we are over the moon either way and just cannot wait to find out!!!  I took the blood test last week so we should know very soon and can't wait to share the news.

Thank you again for all your sweet comments, it means so much to us. I'm super excited to share our journey as we prepare to become a family of FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!  XO

Friday, February 16, 2018

Baby B THREE!!

Aaaaah, we are having another BABY!!!!!!!  Thank you so, so much for sharing in our excitement this week, your support and sweet comments mean so much to all of us.  I hate keeping secrets, especially one this big, so it's been so fun to finally share (and to not have to hide this baby three bump anymore!).

So, we found out CHRISTMAS morning, the best (and most SHOCKING!) present ever.  We have always known we wanted a big family, but just weren't sure of the timing.  I've never felt "ready" to even think about another baby until each of my girls were at least two, and when Avalon turned two early last summer, I knew I was closer to wrapping my head around it, but we also had a lot going on (with both work changes for my husband, house renovations, and getting ready to try to sell & buy another home).  So we decided to wait a while to try for baby three, we definitely planned and tried for both our first two kids, so I just assumed this time it would be no different -- we would wait until things calmed down and plan for it just like we did the first two times.  And then came Christmas morning.  I didn't feel pregnant at all, the thought of it being a possibility hadn't even popped into my head, so when my husband put the pregnancy test into my stocking (as a joke!), I thought he was ridiculous and lost his mind.  Yet it was there, so I took it, and never in a million years thought it would be positive, but two little lines popped up, both way more quickly and way darker than they did either of my first two pregnancies.

If you know me, you know I am SUCH a planner (to a fault), so this was such a different experience than with the girls.  I was shocked, so, so shocked, but really in the best kind of way.  Alllll the things were running through my head (I had no idea what we were going to do about the house, handling three kids while my husband was in a job change, when was the baby even due?!, three kids will never fit in my small SUV, we haven't even thought of names ...... ) -- but ultimately none of that mattered when I looked at my two little girls and realized that we got to have another one of these sweet lives to call our own!!!  It honestly was the best thing that could have happened to my over-planning personality, and this sweet baby will always be the greatest surprise of my life.  It's now a month and a half later and we still have none of those details worked out, not even close, but I am 100% certain we have a whole lot of love to give and if parenting has taught me anything, it's that when it comes down to it, that's all that matters.

The girls are soooo excited, Waverly of course just "gets it" this time around and is so into it, and Avalon pretty much copies everything she does, so she of course is really into it as well.  They love to kiss my belly and that's always the first thing they do when they see me after work, and we've also been using the our doppler the last couple of weeks so they can hear the baby's heartbeat.  I think the hardest part for them will be waiting so long, they are already waking up and asking if we can "open my belly to get the baby out today".  September first is our official due date (two days after my own birthday!), so the countdown starts now!!!!  Cannot WAIT!  Thank you again for being a part of our journey and for always being so supportive. XO

Friday, February 9, 2018

Waverly's Room Refresh

We have been knee deep in house projects since the start of the year over here, which is always super exciting and fun, and of course it also adds an entire new level of chaos to a life with little ones.  Thankfully we are finally done (!!!) with everything, just a couple months later than we had originally planned, we gutted and completely renovated our master bathroom in the month of January and now our house is officially ready to put on the market!  We are still going back & forth on what we may end up doing, for a few reasons, but for now are loving all the new improvements and just soaking them in while we are still at our current home.

We recently added some fun new details in Waverly's room that I wanted to share, each of the girls rooms are probably my favorite two in the house, decorating spaces for little people is just too much fun!  Wherever we end up, we will most likely put the girls together, this has been our plan forever  but Avalon is still content in her crib and I'm just not ready to give that up quite yet (second kid).

I teamed up with Opal & Olive on these wooden signs and they are the sweetest, most darling little additions to her room!!  They are super high quality and she has a ton of other options as well, the "tiny girl gang" was my favorite and I love the idea of it when the girls share a room.

We also upgraded to a new comforter, we worked with Beddy's on this and if you have never heard of them, you MUST check them out!  Their bedding is made for kids, with zippers on both sides, so it fits on like a bedsheet.  This has been a total game-changer for mornings at our house, especially during the week, Waverly can make her bed all on her own and she loves to do it!  The inside is also super soft and cozy, she loves to get "zipped" up in it at night so much (as do I because, bedtime!).

See below for links for everything pictured in this post, hope you guys had the best week!!! XO

Signs -- Knobs (Similar) -- Dress-up Mask -- Tutu -- Necklaces -- Bedding -- Doll 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Our Ladies Lately

Once again I blinked and my girls are halfway through another year, we are going to celebrate their half-birthdays this weekend with our annual half of a cake and birthday song!  It's also been forever since I have done an update on each of them, so it seemed like perfect timing.

Waverly Maye, age five & a half, she was officially halfway to SIX on the 26th. 
 Kindergarten has been both wonderful and an adjustment.  She loves her friends SO MUCH, loves PE, loves lunch, loves getting all dressed up for the day (with all the accessories) and loves learning in general.  Going from three half-days a week in preschool to full-day, everyday kindergarten leaves her pretty tired though, and sometimes the afternoons can be challenging since she has tons of energy saved up and also is just plain exhausted.  We have moved up bedtime a bit and I absolutely love reading stories and cuddling with her at the end of the day, which is also the time that she will really tell me all about what happened in school or about how she is feeling.  Losing our dog at Christmas was really hard on her, maybe even more than anyone in the house.  She still talks about him daily, we've written him a "letter in heaven", and she always just wants to make sure he is doing alright up there.  It shows what a big heart she has, she really loves so hard and feels even harder.  When she comes up with an idea she is going to do it, 110%, which will always be one of my favorite things about her.  She is the girliest of girls, loves jewelry, all things princess, performing, and wants to play "mommy and baby" with Avalon (her very best friend in the whole wide world) at least once a day.  She still reminds me a lot of myself and is forever the one who made me a mama.  Goodness I love her so.

Avalon Elle, age two & a half, her birthday is June 6th so she is officially closer to THREE than two.
Forever as sweet and silly as they come.  She's really grown into her personality lately, she loves to make anyone laugh and once she knows it's working, will do it forever.  Her little voice is my FAVORITE, the way she pronounces "Waver-wee" and says "here am I" when she walks into a room, I wish it would stay forever!  We are officially in that independent stage, she is determined to do everything herself, we went through the same thing with Waverly but I am pretty sure it's at a much higher level this time around since she wants to be JUST LIKE her big sister.  She loves preschool, is a little obsessed with the boys there (so funny!), and always loves to tell us about her "boyfriend" when she gets home.  Her favorite color is currently blue, she loves balls and anything with wheels, and doesn't go a day without requesting Peppa Pig.  She still has the sweetest demeanor in the world, can make anyone fall in love with her, and is the worst eater in the history of EVER (would literally only eat cookies three meals a day if we let her).  She's just the best, still looks so much like my husband and reminds me of him too, which is the sweetest thing ever to me.

People always said that once your babies aren't technically "babies" anymore that it gets way easier, but I'm just going to go ahead and call it like it is (at least at our house), and that's certainly not the case.  The challenges are way different, but still definitely there, and some days by the time bedtime rolls around goodness I am READY.  The highs and heart-melting joys are still very real though too.  It never fails, just when I feel mom guilt or wonder if we even come close to know what we are doing raising these little people into good humans, they do something amazing and my heart swells with pride and I just can't even believe that they are ours.  They will always be so much more than worth it.

Dresses c/o Colored Organics
Wishing you the happiest FEBRUARY, one of our favorite months of the year!!!!!! XO