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Thursday, May 26, 2016

DIY Porch Lights & Giveaway

The weather here is finally starting to really warm up, and to say we are loving it is definitely an understatement!  Like most kids, my girls love the outdoors, and almost any activity that we do outside rather than in keeps their attention at least double the amount of time.  We have been using our back porch more than ever, for picnic lunches or just simple things like doing puzzles, and we love it!  It's especially nice because it keeps them contained while getting fresh air, and I can be around the corner making dinner or doing dishes in the kitchen.

Since we've been spending so much time out there, over the weekend, we did quick mini-makeover to make this loved spot in our home even more loved! :)  We started out by focusing on adding some lights, which makes for a fun detail during the day & of course, they are functional at night.

The lights we used were the Enbrighten Cafe Lights by Jasco, which we love so, so much!!  The look of cafe lights just fits our design aesthetic perfectly, I want to use them in other places of our house now!  They are durable & won't break if they are dropped or stepped on, and the best part, they are guaranteed for life.  I mean, how wonderful is it to never have to replace a light bulb again?!  They also put off a significant amount of light, I was shocked at how light it was out there once the sun went down.

My husband & I decided to do a wood accent on our trim to hang the lights from since everything was white, we thought it would add a bit of a rustic element!  He got wood cedar siding planks from Home Depot & cut them to fit the perimeter of our porch.  Afterwards, he screwed the lights in using the mounting tab provided in the package, which was so convenient.  

I was inspired by the new look of the lights and got a new rug, chairs and table, I love the final result and am so excited to spend lots of time out there all summer long!

And here's the fun part!  Cafe Lights by Jasco is giving two lucky winners a room makeover valued at $400.00!  Ten winners will also receive one 24 foot string of cafe lights, which is what we used for this project.  Enter below & good luck!!!  XO

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Stylized Shoot

Happy Monday!!  I am SO excited to share these images from my first stylized shoot today, I hope you love them as much as I do.  My love of fashion, event planning, & all things bridal made this one of my favorite things I've done, I'm so thankful to the talented team of ladies who made it all happen.

  An extra special shout-out to my little sister, who rocked it as the bride for this shoot, I had so much fun playing her maid of honor this time.

A full list of all the people involved is below, if you are in the area, these ladies & shops are truly some of the best and I was honored to work with them on such a fun project.

Makeup - Dhalia Edawards
Invitations & Sign - Sami Proctor
Furniture Rentals - Bluebird's Garage
Cake - Rachel Bakes
Photography - Elizabeth Henson Photos

And of course, email me at with any event planning or styling needs, this of course was more focused on bridal but I am very open to ALL kinds of planning & styling!  Happy week ahead, friends! XO

Friday, May 20, 2016

Life Lately In Pictures

Happiest Friday!  I feel like it's been forever since I did a random post of pictures, & you know I got 'em, so I thought it would be fun to round some up to kick off the weekend ... along with a little update on life our way!  

The girls are growing by the day, we are in the homestretch to having a one and four year old and as much as I want to be sad about it, I'm loving these ages so much.  The closer we get to four, the more manageable Waverly seems to get, most of the three-year old tantrums can be handled now way easier and (most of the time!) I really feel like a have a little bestie.  We painted our nails together the other morning while Avalon was napping and I was even able to let them dry ... #miracle.  She has just a couple weeks of school left, along with her first field trip and end of year party, and we are really excited to put her back into dance class this summer.  She's also doing weekly swim lessons with her "best friends" from school (ask her, she will list all five of their names!), all of the girls because anytime you ask her the boys in her class are still "grumpy & naughty".

Avalon is getting over an ear infection, which was the saddest thing ever.  She had a bad cold last week that just never went away, so finally we decided to take her back to the doctor for a second time & on the way, she threw up all over her and the back seat in my mom's car.  Waverly was coaching her back to health from the back saying "sweetie girl, you are ok!", and hasn't stopped telling me how sissy threwed up ever since.  Thankfully, she is feeling much better and already back to her sweet little self, just extra snuggly.  She is very much a mama's girl & loves nothing more than a nursing session each night, for at least an hour. :)

As for me, I did my first stylized shoot for work & am so excited to share soon!  I have cut back to just a few days at the bridal salon and am working from home on my business and the blog the others.  Balancing being home and working is NO JOKE, and I am still really trying to figure it all out, but I know it will get easier as time goes on.  At the end of the day (everyday), I feel so lucky to be able to get more time with my babies & don't ever take it for granted.

Even if sometimes I feel like I crazy person.  Just look at their faces!

 You may have seen some of these on Instagram, follow me here because I am much better at keeping up with posting!  And happy, happy weekend! XO

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Birthday Party Planning: Avalon's First

Our littlest love turns ONE in less than a month, and we are getting so, so excited to celebrate her!  We decided to go with a garden party theme, light, pretty, feminine & sweet, all of which describes miss Avalon Elle perfectly.  We will hosting the party at our house, I've been working with some really amazing shops on a couple garlands, we have matching floral crowns for all three of us girls (pinch me!), and am planning on a light menu with a few really fun desserts - including these macaroons!

You all know my love of paper products, I don't hoard a lot of things, but I have every single one of Waverly's birthday invites saved for her and plan to do the same for Avalon.  I already treasure them so much and hope the girls will love them one day as well.  This invite is easily one of my favorites, I worked with the very talented Kailey from Chasing Prints on them and couldn't be happier with how they came out!  Exactly the vibe I was going for, oh so sweet, just like our Avalon.  If you have an event coming up, I highly recommend her, she was fast, easy to communicate with, and obviously does beautiful work!

Also pictured, the most beautiful cake topper by Leanne Madeline.  I love the rustic feel of it and definitely think I can use it again for another one of the girls birthdays!  She has many other options as well, I also am a big fan of this gold one, I just will never get over my love for gold.

I also wanted to share Avalon's gift that I picked up a couple weeks ago!  For any mamas of little girls turning one soon, I absolutely love this idea, which I originally did for Waverly Maye almost three years ago now.  I got a knife engraved with her name and birthday on it, and attached this poem in the box.  The idea behind it is that we will use it to cut the cake on each of her birthdays and then on her wedding day, then it will go to her & be passed down to her first little one.  Cue the tears. This July will be the fourth time we have used Waverly's, it has icing stuck to the box from a few of her parties already and I just can't get rid of it, what fun memories it already brings!

And lastly, look who decided to stand.  In a baby crop top.  I could eat her.

Sandals - Bloomers C/O Beckaloo Fashions

Happy halway through the week!