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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October Around Here

Less than one week until Halloween and the end of the month, can you even believe it?!!  We have been so busy with school and work and soccer and dance and getting some projects done around the house, it literally feels like the weeks are flying by in the blink of an eye.  Thought I would share a little about our month so far, along with a few fall things we want to accomplish before November hits since as we all know, then it will suddenly be all things Christmas (!!!).

It's been so much fun to have Avalon more involved with everything this year, she calls pumpkins "balls" and loves them, yet not even close to how much she loves all the extra candy we have around the house for the holiday.  Every time I turn the corner she has broken into the pantry and is eating lollipops with the wrappers still on them, hiding in the corner of the room. ;)  Waverly just can't wait to trick or treat, I am so excited that I have finally talked her into our family costume, as long as I promised that the week before she could be "a princess with Avalon as her handsome prince".

Both girls were sick last week with hand, foot & mouth disease, which apparently is way less serious than it sounds.  Luckily they had a very mild case and it came and went pretty quickly!  They also both got flu shots the same day (along with Avalon's 15 month shots), the biggest shout-out to my fellow mamas who are on shot duty while daddy gets to be at work.  I can't decide what is worse, the one-year old who is happy as can be not knowing what is coming to her, or the four-year old who is old enough to understand and even though you bribed her with ice cream afterwards, is crying before her head hits the table.

Last weekend, I took a trip with my family to Alabama, and left both girls home with my husband!  I was so, so excited for this and also all kinds of sad about it, I think it's even harder to do things like that when you are a working mom because you feel the guilt more than ever.  They did great though, we face-timed pretty much all weekend and they had the best time with daddy.  We went to an Alabama football game, we have grown up Bama fans and have been on a group text message cheering Alabama on every football Saturday for years now, so it was so amazing & surreal to be able to see it in person.  I came home feeling so rejuvenated as a mom and ready to squeeze them tighter than ever before.  I would love to bring them back to see a game of their own one day!

Some of the girls favorite fall activities so far have been the halloween candy haunted house, smores, of course the pumpkin patches, and a trip to the farm for a hayride!   Hoping to make some caramel apples this week and carve the pumpkins we have picked out, I think Avalon may still be small enough to fit in one! :)

Hope your October has been warm, cozy, and wonderful!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Five Dresses for Fall

I'm just going to go ahead & start this post with a disclaimer that most days of the week, I am not wearing a super cute dress or heels.  That went away a long time ago when I became a mom, and the deal was sealed even more when I became a preschool teacher.  But!  On the nights that my husband and I sneak out for a date (approximately once a year), or when I work the weddings I plan, or any of the holidays we have coming up, I love to change it up and wear something special.  I think I appreciate it even more now that it doesn't happen often so I have even more fun with it.  Today, I'm super excited to team up with Tahari ASL to share five of their fall dresses that are my favorites!!

One - Two - Three- Four - Five
Number one definitely stole my heart the most, denim is just my go-to all of the time, I love how versatile it is!  You could even pair this dress with cute boots and a cardigan for a laid-back look.  I also LOVE number five, the combo of the formal look with the pockets is so fun!  Perfect for a wedding, really anytime of year. :)

To see more of their looks, you can visit the site here.  Hoping you are all having a wonderful week, Happy Friday Eve! XO

Monday, October 17, 2016

Avalon Elle: Sixteen Months

I really haven't written an update on Avalon since she turned one, I cannot even believe it's already been four months since then!  At sixteen months, I'm sure she should be considered all toddler by now, but she still feels like such a baby to me.  I don't know if it's that she is really little for her age, or that we have a four-year old this time around so she just seems so much younger in comparison, or that she still doesn't have all that much hair. ;)  Either way, I love it, one of the biggest differences with her from Waverly is that I am in no hurry for the next milestone or for her to grow, I want to embrace every little bit of her "baby-ness" for as long as I can.  Stay little forever. :)

Avalon is such a little character, so funny and so, so sweet!  She loves anything with wheels (which daddy loves!) but is also very girly.  Her obsession with shoes is at an all-time high, she cherishes her baby dolls, and tries to steal purses from her big sister anytime she is not looking.  Her favorite thing right now is probably being read to, she spends most of our afternoons picking up one book after another, then coming to sit in my lap to read one page at a time before bolting and then coming back to do it all over again. ;)  She is very cuddly and affectionate, but also always on the go, she's a climber with no fear and very much into everything.  She can wreck a room in about two minutes flat!  She says a lot more these days and also loves to imitate things we do, like waving bye or saying "shhh" to her favorite baby dolls.  When Waverly is randomly upstairs or I'm having alone time with Avalon, I realize how much she can actually say (because she can fit a word in!).  Some of her go-to's are dada, mama, sis, cheese, & please.

She adores Waverly and no one can make her laugh harder, but at the same time, Waverly can easily make her more mad than anyone else can.  She definitely holds her own these days and their relationship can be trying at times, but I'm always reminded just a few minutes later when they are laughing and hugging that sisterhood really is the most beautiful thing.

I've been hearing how much the girls look alike more than ever lately, but I really don't see it that much.  Avalon looks so much like my husband to me!  Those chubby cheeks are my absolute favorite, I could just eat her right up!!!!  Life is just so much better with her in it.

I also wanted to share some details about Avalon's shoes, they are totally on repeat around here!  Step & Stride recently contacted me about sending the girls shoes, and I was so excited to try out some out, especially for Avalon.  We have so many shoes (like too many) that were passed down from Waverly, but hardly any fit because she has the widest, shortest feet!  We pretty much went without shoes for the summer, but girlfriend definitely needed some options for fall.

The ones that I decided to go with are specifically made for "wide feet", and they fit her perfectly!!!  They are also so comfy for her to walk around in (and ideal for a new walker), and also are super easy to put on.  Which I appreciate now more than ever since I have two girls to get ready everyday.

You can find these shoes here, they are called the "Kate", I will be sharing the ones we got for Waverly soon!  And hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!! XO

Friday, October 14, 2016

Pumpkin Patchin'

TGIF!!!!  We are super excited for the weekend around here, the weather is looking perfect & I have no weddings on the calendar, so we have nothing to do except lots of quality time with our girls!  Now that I'm back working during the week, I treasure those moments more than ever, there's just nothing quite like waking up Saturday morning with two little people ready to snuggle and no where to be all day.  Even if it is at 6 in the morning.

The girls & I took our first trip to the pumpkin patch a little while back, one of our most favorite activities of the year!!  There are so many good places to go in our area, and this one is actually one of the smaller ones, but it's perfect to just let them run free while I take way too many pictures. ;) I spent some time the other day looking back at some of our pictures of the last few years at the pumpkin patch, it's just crazy how much life (and these babes!) can change in such a short time.  I just love them way too much.

I also have a few pictures to share from Waverly's class field trip to the pumpkin patch!  I took the day off and went with her, which actually she was a little less than impressed with since apparently she's already in high school and doesn't want to be bothered when she is with her friends, but I did love getting to see her in her element.  She adores school so much and even though it broke my heart a little bit that she obviously didn't need me there, I would so much rather that be the case than the other way around.  I'm also really looking forward to her being at my own school next year so I can creep in on her like this anytime I want.

Lastly, I wanted to congratulate Amanda K. for winning last week's art giveaway.  So excited for you, email me to get your prize!  And wishing you all a happy weekend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Weekending & Cola's Home

First, I wanted to send my love to those who were affected by Hurricane Mathew over the weekend.  Here in VB, we were pretty much shocked with how badly we got hit.  I think everyone really underestimated how much we would get here and we really didn't do much to prepare at all.  I had a pretty scary drive home after a wedding I was working Saturday night and was feeling really over it after no power with two kids for two days, but I know all of that was nothing in comparison to what other people went through.  My thoughts are with those who lost loved ones or who continue to face challenges from the storm, I'm currently feeling extra thankful for our safety and for these two sweet sisters.

On a much lighter note, with lots of down time at home over the weekend ... I finally got around to taking some pictures of the sweetest pillows that Carla at Cola's Home sent over a couple months back.  My husband and I were very much in the market for a new couch over the summer, and after lots of going back & forth, we finally decided on this one which I love so much!!!  The light grey is such a pretty color while still being neutral and (so far!) it's been pretty durable with two little ladies jumping all over it, all the time. ;)  I chose her pink patterned pillows, I've just been having the biggest love affair with this color combo lately and I am so happy with how it turned out.

The biggest thank you to Cola's Home for sending these over & and also to my husband for not saying anything about the pretty obvious feminine vibes happening in our living room.  Yet. :)

Happy halfway through the week!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Giveaway

I am excited to start your Friday off with a giveaway, friends!!!  I have teamed up with Stephie Jones, an artist & fellow VB resident, to give one lucky person a free fine art print giveaway of your choice!  Stephie creates the most beautiful bright & colorful art, I just love all of her pieces and was so excited to put this cute raccoon print up in our entryway recently. 

The winner of this giveaway will get a free fine art print of your own (size 11X14 or 12X12), this is extended to her upcoming Beach Daze Collection (inspired by NC's Outer Banks) which releases this month on the 17th.

To enter, visit and sign up for her newsletter.  For additional entries, you can like her on Instagram (@stephie_jones_art) and/or Facebook (  Comment below that you entered, the winner will be chosen one week from today, next Friday! 

For more information about Stephie, you can go to her website here.  How cute is she?!!! :)

Happy weekend, hope everyone is staying safe & dry!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Coffee & Croissants

This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. This post was sponsored by Starbucks as part of an Influencer Activation. I received compensation and complimentary products to facilitate my review. #StarbucksCaffeLatte #MyStarbucksatHome #CollectiveBias

Happiest Thursday, friends!!!  Hope you all are having the best week and that those of you affected by Hurricane Mathew are staying safe.  We are feeling thankful that it doesn't look like we will get a direct hit here, but are settling in for what looks like is going to be a weekend full of rain.  And hopefully lots of snuggles! :)

In good news, the temperatures have finally dropped here some, and it's feeling like fall!!!!!  Which makes this post so much more relevant, since I don't know what could be better this time of year than some warm coffee and a table full of breakfast treats?!  I am super excited to be teaming up with Starbucks® to share a fun tablescape, coffee & croissants!

This tablescape was so much fun to do, and just gives me all the cozy, fall feels!  It would be super easy to recreate at home, possibly for a girls brunch, fall open house, or even a treat for Thanksgiving morning (only over a month away!).  Here is what I did!

1 - Step one was by far the easiest, as long as you consider taking two kids to the grocery store easy! ;)  I literally have no time to bake these days, so I hauled the little ladies to our favorite grocery store (which has the best homemade goods) and chose a few.  Croissants, muffins, and scones are always my go-to since they are easy for people to eat and also ideal for tablescapes, since they can look so pretty in serving trays!  I also got some yogurt and granola, which also tends to look pretty when served!.

2 - I pulled out all my favorite serving trays and canisters & tried to stick to seasonal fall colors, then played around with what fit or looked best in each one.  I also added a blanket for extra layering and just to set the tone!

3 - My favorite part, the drinks and - caffeine!!!!  I took our Keurig from the kitchen and brought it to our bar cart, along with a fun pumpkin beverage dispenser for water.  Starbucks sent over their new Starbucks® Latte K-Cups® pods, so I filled a couple containers with both packets to complete both steps.  Also, of course, fun straws to complete the look!

To make the drink, the steps are super easy!  The first is to pour the flavor packet into the mug, and step two is to brew the beverage and stir.  We are obsessed with our Keurig® and how easy it is to use, so I absolutely loved the option of having this new drink to serve to guests that come over.  It was delicious and I will be drinking it myself all fall long! :) I also love that they are made from milk, and with no artificial flavors!  They come in 3 great Starbucks® signature flavors (Caramel, Mocha, and Vanilla) and 2 of my favorite Starbucks® seasonal flavors (Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha), available for a limited time.  You can get these at your local grocery store.

Hoping this gives you some inspiration for some fun tables over the next month or so!  Happy fall y'all!  XO

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