Being Brickner

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Farewell, Winter!

Happy spring, friends!  I don't know that there is any other season change I like more than winter to spring, by this point we are always dying for some fresh air, and of course we love pastels, floral, and all the Easter things!!!  Waverly & I both have our spring breaks in just a few weeks, and we are SO EXCITED!  Because of the snowstorm and random week off shortly after Christmas, pretty much all of our holidays since then became make-up days, so we are currently in desperate need of a week with no routine and no schedule.  It will be the perfect practice to hold us over until summer!

I thought I would round-up some of my favorite images from this winter, I sometimes wonder if I take too many pictures (ha!), but then putting these all together to look back on makes me so happy.  I am a true believer that looking at a picture can take you right back to the moment, and these all remind me of what a sweet, sweet season of life we are in!  I will always remember this as the winter that Waverly really "grew up", from a toddler to a big girl, and that Avalon started talking and really came into her own as a toddler.  The girls bond is stronger than ever, they fight more than they did before but also make up just as quickly, and it's in these past few months that I've really stepped back and let them do their thing.  Life with two kids has in some ways become harder (with two really on the move and opinionated), but in other ways easier, and as always, this stage of life is just flying by more than my heart can take.

See ya next year winter, thanks for being so good to us!!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Five Friday Thoughts

Happy Friday, excited to stop in and share some random thoughts before kicking off the weekend!

1 - Avalon, at 20 months, might just be at my favorite age ever.  I can't get enough of her!  She talks so much, I think possibly even more than Waverly did at this age, because she copies so much of what Waverly does.  She says her name now ("Ava", which is what Waverly calls her), asks me for "a hug" every morning before I leave for work, and now when I ask her something, instead of saying yes she says "sure".  She loves to watch Frozen, and asks to watch it daily, then when it gets to the "Let it Go" part, she runs and grabs the exact pink princess cape that Waverly wears when she performs to it.  We are also starting to potty train her (!!!), she has so much interest in it so we went and bought her an Elmo potty this week.  She thinks it is hilarious to sit on it, not pee, but make the sound of water and then jumps off & says "all done", before flushing it.  Love her so much.

2 - My spring break is three weeks away and I am in major countdown mode!!!  We are going to Asheville for the first time, and are so excited!  It's actually also the first time we have really traveled as a family of four, and I think after a long winter of sicknesses and lots of indoor time, we are due.  If you ever been to Asheville and have any recommendations, I would love to hear!

3 - The flyer for Waverly's kindergarten registration came in the mail this week and I am DYING!  Both of excitement and sadness.  Being in an elementary school this year has given me a whole new perspective on it, I 100% think she is ready and will love it, but I just can't believe that she is old enough for all of this.  She's so funny lately, she's (trying) to talk like such a grown up, I asked her if she wanted to play Candyland the other day and she said, "I'm not surprised, I thought you would never ask". ;)

4 - I took the girls to the playplace at the mall this week (because it's FREEZING, and we desperately needed to get out of the house!).  Within literally two minutes of getting there, I looked over and Waverly was holding hands with another little girl, laughing and running around like they had been best friends their entire life.  Minutes after, she introduced Avalon to another little girl who was around one also, and asked if she would play with her sister.  It was the sweetest, and it just made me think of how it's a really big shame that older people lose that childhood innocence and kindness.  How wonderful would the world be if we all were as carefree and sweet to new people we met?! :)

5 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!  It's so funny, I'm pretty sure if this holiday had fallen on a Friday five years ago I would have had big plans to go out and drink all the green beer, but that will definitely not be the case tonight.  Instead, I will most likely celebrate by making green pancakes for the girls (breakfast for dinner is their favorite), then after tucking them in, will pour a huge glass of wine that I won't even be able to stay awake to drink half of.  Sounds about right.  Wishing you & yours the happiest weekend ever!!!! XO

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Waverly's Room Update

We have been really busy with house projects over here since the new year started, and I am super excited to share some of them in the next few weeks!!  One of our resolutions for 2017 was to really focus on some of the one million updates we have had on our to-do list forever, although I am certain that we will always keep a list, because that's just the way we roll.  I seem to always find something new I want to do to refresh our home and change things up a bit, a quality of mine that my sweet husband may just want to change about me.

Waverly's room was first on my list, I wanted to paint and just brighten it up with some fun little things I have been collecting over the past few months.  Once Avalon is ready to move out of her crib and into a big girl bed, we will most likely make this the girls shared room.  Our house is big enough that we don't really need for them to, but Waverly loves the idea of it and asks daily when they get to, and I think Avalon may love it even more.  My husband built Waverly's bed (you can see the post here), so he will either build a matching one for Avalon or bunk beds, depending on what we can fit.  Waverly wants bunk beds with her little sister SO MUCH, so if we can make that happen, we probably will.  The thought of them sharing is already just the sweetest thing ever to me, though I am sure there will be just as many sister fights as sister snuggles ... ;)

We painted the walls white and replaced all the baseboard, which is actually a project we are working on through out the house.  Our house is old (one of things that I actually love about it), so it's amazing what a huge change that has made!  Her room already had some pops of pink and gold, which I kept, but then also added some yellows, which were inspired by this beautiful painting that I teamed up with Minted on.  Love it so much!!!  Other details are linked on the bottom of this post, including this rug from Land of the Nod, it is even better in person!

Can't wait to add to it in the months to come, and to give it some fun touches each holiday!!  See all sources below, happy Wednesday! XO

Minted PaintingDuvet Cover -  Rug - Curtains - Swan Head - Bookcase

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hold the Moments.

Isn't it so funny how the exact little people who drive you to the brink of your breaking point are the ones who make you feel like your heart could just burst into a million pieces from your love for them?!!!  These days I am exhausted by the time the girls bedtime finally rolls around, which I am sure is a direct result of teaching preschool all morning and then taking care of toddlers all afternoon, but within seconds of them actually falling asleep, I always can't wait to get up and do it all over again.  For them.  Motherhood can do a really good job at making you feel like a legit crazy person.

I took some pictures of the girls in their Easter pajamas the other morning, there are few things that Waverly Maye loves more than comfy jams that match her sister, and she had been waiting forever to finally put these on (I got them last year on sale after Easter and sized up, here is a similar pair currently on sale!).  Afterwards Waverly was having an epic meltdown over the fact that I wouldn't let her change out of them and go outside in a sleeveless dress & flip flops (it was 50 degrees).  It was one of those really horrible tantrums, so both my husband and I walked away and let her do her thing, we have definitely found that she does best that way. ;)  I was down the hall when I heard Avalon walk into her room and say "hug", and then all of a sudden it got quiet.  I walked to her room (with my big girl camera still on my shoulder!) to find them hugging, Waverly's head on Avalon's shoulders, clearly being consoled by her one-year old little sister.  And it was one of those moments that I will never, ever forget.

Sometimes I think about the fact that we are raising people.  I mean, I obviously know that all the time, but when you really think about the fact that we are the ones responsible for their childhood and are the biggest foundation that is shaping the adults they will one day become ... That's just CRAZY.  And a little bit scary.  Some days I question if I know what the hell I am doing.  But it's moments like this that remind me, I am doing something oh so right.

And so are you.  Hugs to all my mama friends, we are in this together! XO

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Loving Lately

Happy Friday Eve, friends!!!  Anyone else more ready for the end of the week than ever?  We randomly decided to pull out carpet and install hardwood floors in the one room we had without hardwood last weekend, and it's turned into a much longer project than we anticipated (isn't that the way it always works?!!).  I am pretty much the worst at dealing with house projects, I love the final product of course but the mess just stresses me out way more than it should.  And of course, watching me keep two kids out of one room in our downstairs because it's a construction site could be it's own reality show.  Hoping to finish this weekend and share pictures soon!!! :)  In the meantime, I thought a few favorites were in order, most of them warm weather appropriate, because we have spring on the brain over here!

1 - I am loving Target's spring dresses right now SO MUCH!!!  They all look way more expensive than they are, this one is my favorite, it reminds me so much of one from Anthropologie.  Also, give me all the off-the-shoulder, all the time!

2 - Trolls is currently on repeat at our house, and I have to admit, I love it as much as my girls do!  Waverly & I saw it at the theater when it was out, and now Avalon asks for it just as much as she does.  The music is just so good!

3 - Tis' the season for Easter baskets!!!!  I love, love, love rounding the girls up some fun things for Easter, a mix of some little things I know they will get excited about and a few things for the warmer weather.  I got this nightlight to go with the whole bunny theme, this new babylit book that releases later this month, and am thinking about a new pair of Hunter boots for Waverly since she has outgrown most of hers and is so obsessed with them!

4 - I hardly ever wear any shoes with height anymore, but I have been eyeing these wedges (a knock-off of the much more expensive version) for spring.  They would be so versatile and I think I might even be able to run after fast little toddlers in them!!!

5 - Sta Body recently sent me one of their bodysuits to try and I have been so happy with it!  The owner is a fellow mama who wanted to design something for the real woman, anyone who has ever given birth to a baby can appreciate that!  The link to the one I have been using is here, you will love it!  Even better, you can get 20% off one now through the 15th, using the code BRICKNER.

6 - I'm getting so excited for bathing suit shopping, mainly for the girls of course!!!  We always stock up on some from Gap & Old Navy during 40% off sales, this is one of my favorites for this season already!

7 - And lastly, I got a new pair of overalls and can't wait for them to come in!  They look so comfy!  Hoping to get my fix from my own pair since I put some on Waverly the other day and she said, "Mom, these are blue, they are for BOYS".  I'm pretty sure that will be the last time I convince her to ever wear them again.

Wishing you & yours a very happy Friday and weekend ahead!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Spring Weather

We have had the most beautiful weather our way for the past couple of weeks, and to say we are loving it is completely an understatement!  As much as we adore winter, the holidays, and all the cozy things, this is always the time of year that I start itching for all the spring stuff and to get OUTSIDE.  After being stuck indoors for so long, there is just something magical about some fresh air and watching your babes little feet run around the backyard again.  It's truly good for the soul!  Also, I'm a forever believer that it's just easier to parent when the weather allows you to get outdoors.

The girls have been spending most of our afternoons playing in the backyard until the sun goes down, now that Avalon is a little older, she can run around with Waverly back there while I do dishes or clean in the kitchen and look out the window.  I'm not sure there is a sweeter sight than watching Waverly take off Avalon's shoes and pick her up to get on the trampoline (we have this fenced in one and it keeps them entertained for hours!).  We also did a trip to the zoo, and last weekend brought daddy along for a family walk.  I thought I would share some pictures from our adventure!  Avalon Elle got her first piggies for the occasion, I have been waiting forever for this and seriously, it did not disappoint.  I actually could have died a happy woman right then & there just from the sight of her.

This weekend is shaping up to be a lot of the same and we are excited to get in lots of outdoor time!  Hope you are getting some sunshine your way, happiest weekend, friends!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Waverly Says

I'm not sure that there is a better mood booster than having a legit conversation with a four year old, there are so many reasons that I don't want Waverly to grow one day older than she is now, and at the very top of that list is how she talks.  I have a running tab on my phone on some of my favorite statements that come out of her mouth each day, and those are always some of things that bring a huge smile to my face each night when I lay down after I put the girls in bed.

Some things that Waverly Maye says right now, at just over four & a half years old.

I had to laugh when one of my friends with a little girl told me the other day that her daughter had never had an opinion or statement about her clothes.  That's literally what half of our conversations are about, most of them 150% dramatic, and I don't know why I am surprised since she is in fact my kid.  Every night before bed it's "this is my favorite color in the world so I need to wear that", or  "mom, I NEED to show my best friends this shirt".  And then by morning she has always changed her mind, "I just can't wear this, it is soooo not beautiful".  I just can't wait until she is in high school. ;)

She adds an "ed" to most of her words.  "I lost-ed this", "I miss-ded you" ... It's completely one of those habits that I know I should correct her on but that my heart just can't.

She is a master negotiator, so freaking smart it blows my mind.  Anytime I tell her no to something, she is going to find a way to ask me differently within a couple of minutes, most often by bringing Avalon into it.  "Well Avalon reaaaaaally wants to have a new shopkins toy", or if I tell her I don't want to go by a specific place she wants to go, "I'm pretty sure they have coffee there". 

She calls herself me.  "Mom, is me big?"  "Mom, is me being a good girl today?"  "Mommy, me loves you."  Can she do this forever & ever?!!!

Lately she has become very interested in boobies, this probably started when I was breastfeeding Avalon but it's definitely more than ever now.  A couple weeks ago she asked me why her boobies were flat, and then last week she said, "when am I going to get big boobs like you?".  And just being honest, I totally took it as a huge compliment because we all know that they just aren't big.

One of my favorite things about her will always be how she copies the way I talk to her to Avalon, truly the circle of life! :)  She calls Avalon her "sweetie girl", and tries to rationalize with her (which is always funny to watch).  "Avalon, you will hurt yourself and we will have to go to the hospital".  She rocks her, sings the same songs I sing to her, and asks her to "be patient" at least once a day.

If she has to use the bathroom, she will ask for "privacy", she will let me know that she needs to "rest her feet for a while", and maybe my favorite, she always tells me that she "hasn't seen that show in YEARS" (and occasionally switches out years for ages).

She always refers to "our whole family".  She loves when all four of us are together, the other night when we were eating dinner we asked what the highlight of her day was and she responded, "right now, eating with my whole family".

Lastly, I shared this on IG, but the other day she dropped something and said "damn it".  I explained to her that we don't talk that way and she said, "oh ok, only mommies are aloud to say something like that".  There's nothing quite like your four-year old saying that to put you right in your place and maybe even a little encouraged to give yourself a mama time-out and some soap.

Happy halfway through the week!