Being Brickner

Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer Bucket List

Hope you all had a wonderful first day of summer!!  It's been the best week, lots of slow mornings with bacon, eggs and cartoons, and fun afternoons spent with some sort of water activity.  I will always cherish my summer days spent at home with my kids, these truly are the days, that both test my patience to the highest but fill my cup to the absolute brim. 

Girls Rompers
We recently finished our spring bucket list (for the most part), and so of course we had to do a summer one, this is definitely my favorite one of the year!  This time we let the girls help choose things, Waverly had so much fun with this and I loved seeing her excitement over everything.  Her first choice was the waterpark, which is her favorite place "in the whole wide world", we had already been that exact day (and go at least a couple times a week) so I didn't list it. ;)

1.  Do a lemonade stand.
2.  Try out surfing for the girls at the beach.
3.  Camping in the backyard.
5.  Fishing.
6.  Peach-picking (one of the favorite things we did last summer!).
7.  Homemade popsicles.
8.  Fly a kite.

Not included, remodeling the girls bathroom which we are kicking off this weekend.  We are completely gutting it so it will be out of commission for at least a month, I thought summer was the best time for this since there literally will be no bath in the house until it's done.  Wish us luck!  Happy weekend, friends! XO

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Waverly & Avalon's Joint Party Plans

We are so excited to celebrate the girls birthdays together with a pool party in a few weeks!!  After two close birthday parties last year for each of them, I decided that together was definitely the way to go this year.  Obviously for planning reasons, but also because one of my favorite memories as a kid was always celebrating with my brother since we both had August birthdays.  I am three years (and two weeks) older than him, which is almost the exact age difference between Waverly & Avalon.  I hope they will love it just as much, and that this can become a tradition for them as well, although I am fully aware that this could totally backfire on me and they will refuse to share their special day ever again.  We shall see.

As the girls get older, I am quickly learning that some fun food and decor just doesn't cut it anymore, they need something to do and the pool seemed like the best option for that!  I got them some super cute suits (from one of my favorite swim shops here), and will be going pretty laid-back, some cook-out food from the grill and a few fun pool games.  I know the kids will be most excited to swim, so that makes it super easy!!! :)

You know I love a good invite, I was actually going through the girls baby books the other night looking through all the invites from their birthday parties/showers, they bring back the best memories and I hope they will love to look at them one day.  We teamed up again with our friends at Minted this year, and it turned out so cute and fun!  We did some pictures at my grandparents pool (where the party will be!) for the back of the card, and they had so much fun doing them.

We went with the last picture for the back of the card, and used this invite.  The final product came super fast and was high-quality as usual, we just love Minted so much!

Hope this gives you some inspiration for a party of your own!  Can't wait to share details & images from the party afterwards, happiest birthday to our summer girls! XO

Friday, June 16, 2017

Avalon's Birthday Brunch

Our Avalon Elle is TWO, we had the absolute best time celebrating her sweet little self pretty much all of last week and I'm pretty sure she might just think that it's "ber-day" now forever, she reminded me of just that last night.  On her birthday eve, she actually ended up getting sick (high fever and throwing up), which was so sad except that it gave me some last snuggles with her as a one-year old.  She woke up the next morning still not completely back to normal but feeling well enough to celebrate and still with a smile on her face, which is so very true to her.  We did our annual balloon wake-up (with pink balloons!) and gave her the pink tricycle and Elmo books Waverly had helped me pick out for her.  She was so sweet seeing her bike, she sat on it forever while eating a reese's, pretty much her dream come true.

We are having a joint party for both girls in a few weeks, but I really wanted to do something special for just Avalon the week of her day. We decided on a brunch with chicken & waffles, Avalon is the pickiest eater ever but those are two of the things she loves the most!  I ended up working with a couple companies on a fun balloon and tissue garland, which added just the right amount of sparkle to her day.  Avalon loved having everyone there for her, but definitely followed Waverly's lead in being super shy when it comes to the birthday song and didn't really want to get that close to her cake until after everyone left.  She was so shy, super sweet and snuggly the whole day, we just loved being able to celebrate her!

We hope your day was as magical as you make every one of ours, sweet Avalon girl!!  We love to love you so much!

PS - The balloon and tissue garland are from Twigs & Twirls, they were both so easy to put together and made the perfect addition to her day.  We would definitely use them again for another event!  Avalon's hat and the cake topper are from Hooray Everyday, we have worked with them for years and love their stuff so much!  Happy weekend! XO

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Waverly's Last Week of School & Recital

We are in crazy mode over here, birthdays, dance recitals, and all the end of the year parties & activities.  Waverly had her last official week as a preschooler (ever!) last week, and I have just three more days until I am done!!  It's all been fun and exciting stuff, but also I cannot wait until next week when I am home with the girls and we have nothing on the agenda and not one single place to be.

Waverly's school didn't have a graduation or anything like that, so I'm not sure it's hit either one of us that she won't be going back to her school that we love so much.  Most of the kids in her class were with her both years, as well as her teacher, so she really has grown so close to them and it's hard to think of her not seeing them anymore.  She LOVES school, she has been spending the last few days taking all of her worksheets and books that were sent home and "teaching" them to Avalon. :)  She came home with an all about me book and most of her answers I expected (favorite color is still purple & favorite food still spaghetti and meatballs), but new to the mix, her favorite subject is Science and when she grows up she wants to be a "Wonder Woman Doctor".

And her recital!!  This was her second, her first was two years ago and last year we took a break from dance, so I couldn't wait to see her back on stage!  She was so excited, not nervous at all, and she spent the whole week before in our living room practicing to the song she had us download on our phones, in her costume of course.  I did her makeup and she couldn't stop looking at herself afterwards, I just can't even believe how grown up she looks!

We plan to continue to do dance this summer and then again in the fall, it's so fun to see what sorts of things that they really love to do as they grow older, dance is definitely where it's at for Miss Waverly Maye.  Love her so very much and am SO VERY PROUD of this sweet big girl she is turning into lately -- even if it is way too fast. ;)

Friday, June 9, 2017

Strawberry Picking

We went on our annual trip to pick strawberries a couple of weeks back, this is forever one of my favorite parts of the year and I look forward to it so much!!!  The girls loved it, Waverly would have stayed all day if we could and even though Avalon doesn't like strawberries (seriously - is she our kid?), she likes anything outdoors and especially doing anything her big sissy does, so you know, she loved it as well.  Our ultimate goal is to move somewhere in the country near a place just like this, I can't think of anywhere more magical to raise a family and every time we drive out this way, we tell the girls that we work hard every day to be able to give them that one day (hopefully sooner rather than later!).

Waverly has always been obsessed with band-aids and now Avalon loves it too, little chunky legs with rain boots and a band-aid to top it off, not much better than that.

A couple of our past strawberry picking trips, this one when we were just a couple weeks from Avalon's due date and this one from just like year.  Avalon wasn't even one yet, so crazy!  Wishing you all the happiest weekend with your sweet loved ones! XO

PS - I posted about my newest earphones on my IG yesterday, I love them so much!!!  They are wireless and the sweetest shade of baby pink.  If you are in the market for some, I definitely recommend these!  

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Happy Birthday, Avalon Elle!

Our Avalon girl is TWO!  She is so very excited about her birthday, when we asked her what she wanted, she said "pink".  Followed with, "not purple, that's for sissy and it's Ava's birthday not sissy's".  Every night this week she has sat in her crib singing the entire "happy birthday" song, going through all the members of our family and then the entire cast of Sesame Street, each person got to have their own moment.  So very like her.

 Sweet Avalon Elle, everyone needs one just like her.  She's just the best, so full of love and thoughtfulness, she won't let anyone leave the house without "a hug, kiss & a high-five", which just sums up her personality so well.  She is pretty laid-back most of the time, and definitely has been our "easier" child to discipline, the hardest thing we have had to go through with her is bedtime the last couple of months because she just can't let us go (all three of us literally stand at her crib promising her we will see her in the morning and covering her back with the blanket!).  She loves all things girly, tutus, bracelets, and getting her hair done just like her big sissy, but also likes trucks and dirt just like her daddy (who she looks exactly like).  She is way more sensitive than Waverly, and is much more timid about things like big rides or places with a lot of people, but also is our little comedian.  She loves to be silly, she notices when she does something funny to make us laugh and will keep doing it forever.

This age is my absolute favorite with her, hearing her little voice say new words all the time and still wanting me to hold her at least a couple times a day.  In some ways I think my relationship with her has been different than Waverly since obviously I have to share my time like I didn't before, but in other ways I think I have been able to enjoy her more because I am more confident now and know how quickly things change.  I constantly find myself staring at her and watching her every little move, everything about her is just precious and she is such a light in our life.

Today we are celebrating her with a trip to see Elmo and all the Sesame Street characters, her absolute favorite, and then will be having small brunch with family this weekend.  Her big party will be with Waverly in a month, we opted for a joint party for the girls this year.  Because, way easier to plan one party, and also because they truly are so close that we thought it was the only way to go! :)

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to our baby girl!  We absolutely adore you and love the little girl you are becoming more every single day! XO

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Can we all agree that three-day weekends should just be a thing?!!  I hardly ever share weekend recaps anymore, but just couldn't pass this one up, we had the best time and it's got us more ready for summer than ever.  We kicked it off late last week with all our best red, white & blue for Waverly's memorial day program at school, which was just the cutest thing!  Watching little kids sing all together with their class is heart-melting, I'm pretty sure I will still want to try to find a way to do it when my kids are all grown.

Saturday morning, we got up early and headed to the parade and carnival at a local Strawberry Festival, we have gone pretty much every year since Waverly was born and I still can still vividly remember a couple years back when I attended 39 weeks pregnant with an Avalon babe in my belly. :)  This was the first year that Waverly was tall enough to ride all the rides, she's been earning a little cash from "chores" lately so she was so excited to bring her wallet and purse and pay for her own tickets (or one of the twenty tickets, but you know, it's the thought that counts). :)

Avalon was much more timid than Waverly to ride anything, she's much more shy about that sort of thing, and later she kept talking about the "elephants" she saw there.  We were all convinced she was confused and thinking of the zoo we had been to the week before, but turns out we were the confused ones when she said, "the ELEPHANTS, sissy rode them and I didn't want to".  She had been thinking about the ride she was too scared to go on all weekend long. ;)

We spent the rest of the weekend working on some house projects, starting to paint the girls new playhouse (can't wait to share soon!), a trip to the beach, and of course, a couple cookouts for the holiday!  Love these little patriotic babies so very much and LOVED being able to spend an extra day at home all day with them.

Hope you all had the best Memorial Day weekend with your families!!  We are so thankful to live in this beautiful, free country, and for those who make the sacrifice so we can do just that. XO

PS - The girls shoes in the last few pictures are from Step & Stride, we love them so much!!  Super comfy and perfect to wear all summer long!  Thanks to our friends there for sending them over.