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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Christmas Books for Kids

Two more days until Thanksgiving and we are celebrating by sharing some of our favorite Christmas books!!!  This year I have been wanting to bring out alllllll the Christmas things earlier more than ever before, but have held back mostly, since we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  We do have a few mini trees here & there, as well as some things in the girls room, including our collection of holiday books!  Bringing out books for each holiday is one of my favorite parts, the book ledge in the girls playroom is one of the most loved places in our home and I hope it always stays that way.  Here are some current faves!

The Little Reindeer -- Pick A Pine Tree -- Tallulah's Nutcracker -- A Christmas Carol -- The Night Before Christmas --
S is for Santa
A few of these are ones I recently added for this season, which I love to do every year, but this year wanted to find a couple that were at a little higher level since we do have a kindergartner now!  Waverly is really into reading and following along, pointing out the words she recognizes and knows, she is so proud and it's the sweetest thing.

If you (or your kids) have a favorite, I would love to hear!!!  Happy Tuesday, friends! XO

Friday, November 17, 2017

Thanksgiving Favorites & Plans

Aaaah, less than ONE WEEK until Thanksgiving!!!  I almost don't want the holiday season to officially kick off because I know we will blink and it will all be over, but whichever way, we are so ready for all the fun to come.  Our Thanksgiving plans have been a little up in the air with my grandfather still in the hospital, but we decided last-minute to host dinner for both Thanksgiving and our annual Friendsgiving this weekend, and are up for the challenge!  This will actually be our first time doing Thanksgiving dinner at our house, and maybe our last, because we are putting our house on the market in the next few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's been in the works for a little while, and we are super excited about it (also anxious and a little bit nervous!), but feel like the timing is right.  In the meantime, we are planning to spend as much as time as possible in our house over the holiday season, soaking up this special time with our family in the house we have made a home over the last five years.

Sharing a few favorites, starting with ALL THINGS Hearth & Hand, the Magnolia line at Target -- I could literally buy the entire thing.  I got the girls this dollhouse for Christmas (and also love this wooden bench for a little boy), and the print on these napkins is so good!   Our go-to dresses at Old Navy have the cutest velvet version out right now, and this wreath from Anthro is so good!  This time of year is oh so good and so tempting.

And lastly, sharing some pictures of the girls having the most fun in the leaves over last weekend.  Playing in the leaves in the fall at my grandparents house is forever one of my favorite childhood memories, there is something just so innocent and sweet about it and I love that my own girls love it just as much.  Their happy is truly my happy, not all our moments look as joyful as this (I promise!), but it's these ones that make all the others completely worth it.

Wishing you and yours the happiest weekend! XO

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


We are eight days into November but it kind of feels like eighty-four.  Waverly got sick for the third time this year already (hello, kindergarten!), and had to stay out of school for four days, we've been battling some time restraints on trying to complete some big projects at the house, and by far most importantly, my family has been focusing on the recovery of my grandfather since his heart surgery on Halloween day.   The surgery didn't go quite as planned, and we had a few scary days afterwards, but I've never been happier to report anything (just about ever!!) than that he is finally awake and on the mend.  We are currently feeling like we witnessed a miracle and certainly have a lot to be thankful for this season.

  The girls have a couple days off school this week, and then it's only one more full school week before one of our favorite weeks of the year -- Thanksgiving!!!!  As a teacher, I have always loved this time of year so much, that half-day on Wednesday is full of so much excitement and anticipation for all the fun (and days off!) that are near.  I have to laugh this time around though, Waverly loves school so much that she gets sad on Sunday mornings when I tell her that the bus isn't coming to pick her up for the second day in a row, so I know she is going to have a hard time with all the breaks over the next couple of months.  Oh sweet girl, how that will change one day.

Sharing some pictures from a few weeks back, when the weather was much warmer and pumpkin patches were still acceptable every weekend.  We have now moved on from sleeveless floral dresses to sweaters and boots and are LOVING IT! 


Happy November to you and yours!!!! XO

PS -- You know we are BIG Hunter boots fans over here, there a few kids pairs currently on sale on their site, you can find them here!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween 2017

I usually try to keep things more light and positive on the blog, but keeping it real, this Halloween was not quite as festive or cheery as holidays normally are our way.  My grandfather was scheduled for heart surgery early Halloween morning, so I spent most of the day at the hospital with my family while the girls were at school and then with my mother-in-law.  I would obviously gladly trade any holiday for his good health, and though he is still currently in the hospital, I have no doubt that he will be laughing and bouncing my girls around in no time.  Any good vibes or prayers our way for his recovery are welcomed!

I was able to make it back just in time to get the girls ready for trick or treating, I could not wait to get them in their costumes and help them put a little makeup on (which they were so excited about!).  This year they decided to be princesses, it was pretty clear early on in October that there was exactly zero chance in me picking their costumes this time around, and then we walked into TJ Maxx one afternoon and saw the prettiest Snow White & Belle costumes in their size that they loved, so I couldn't resist!  Easiest costumes we have ever had, and they have already also gotten to wear them to a princess birthday party and a few afternoons playing dress-up at the house.  Right before we went out to go trick or treating, Waverly ran to her basket of dolls to get her Snow White and Belle dolls for each of them to carry, they were so proud and absolutely loved being princesses so much!  I would definitely say that this year was the one where they loved going to each house the most, Waverly was loving running around with some of her friends from school and Avalon was the sweetest EVER running after them all from behind.  For the first time ever we lasted right up until the very end, the four of us drove my brother's golf cart around our neighborhood -- Waverly was crazy excited as she racked up on the remainder of everyone's candy since there was no other trick or treaters left, and Avalon fell asleep on my lap with a lollipop still in her mouth.  Stay little forever.

I also wanted to share a few pictures from our weekend, we finally carved our pumpkins!  This is an activity I have a love/hate relationship with, it's always a huge mess and the kids usually are into it for like the first five minutes (much like painting, which takes thirty minutes to set up and usually lasts five), but it's always so much fun seeing the final product and them getting so excited over it.  Thank goodness for my husband, each of the girls picked out the hardest picture out of the book, a witch and three pumpkins.  He actually ended up getting some power tools out of the garage to make it happen.  As for me, I forgot to even take a picture of the final product -- but they were amazing and so pretty lit up on Tuesday night!

Hope you had the most amazing Halloween night with your families!!!  And now -- it's officially Christmas, y'all! XO

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Boo Zoo

Last weekend, we took the girls to the Boo Zoo (all things Halloween at our local zoo) for the FIFTH year in a row!  We first took a one-year old Waverly Maye dressed as a cat, and love to go back each year to kick off all the Halloween festivities.

Confession, I absolutely hated Halloween before I had kids.  I never could think of a good costume that I really wanted to be, and have always loved fashion so much that I would have rather just worn a cute outfit anyways.  But now I seriously cannot get enough, I'm already a little sad that we only have less than one week until it's over.  Second confession, I saw someone else use these capes for a flamingo costume last year and loved it so much, I drove to three different Targets to get them the week after Halloween.  At the last one we went to, I found one left in each of the girls sizes, on clearance for $2.  It was meant to be.

This weekend we have Avalon's trunk or treat at her school, and plan to finally carve pumpkins to put on our porch for the big night.  The weather looks like it is finally going to cool down again just in time for Tuesday, we can't wait!!!!  Wishing you all the most wonderful weekend and the happiest Halloween! XO

Monday, October 23, 2017

Girls Bathroom Makeover Update

We started the girls bathroom makeover back in June, and it is still not entirely complete, so let me preface this post by saying that this is indeed one of the longest house projects of all time.  We are forever battling the time issue (like there is never enough of it), with two full-time jobs and two kids, we are BUSY.  But I always try to remind myself that there will come a day when our babies aren't babies anymore, and they won't want to hang out with us, and then we will be sad and have all the time in the world.  So for now, we will embrace and love the crazy (and the constant to-do's that come with it!).

When we moved into our house four years ago, the hallway bathroom was a hot mess, a pretty horrible 80's style avocado green and a vanity that was not in the best condition.  But we had so much we wanted to do in other places of the house, so we pretty much put that project on the back-burner since it was still in working condition.  Fast forward to the end of last spring, we gutted it and started from scratch!   We are not planning on this being our forever home (mostly because we want to be in a more rural area of VB), so we did the updates pretty classic and mainstream to make it more marketable.  We went with a grey & white ceramic tile for the floors, a white subway tile for the wall by the bath tub, and painted the walls white with white trim.  I have this thing with white.  I really wanted pops of gold (although I'm not sure how smart that is for selling, I just couldn't resist), and we found some pretty affordable gold fixtures on Amazon.  Everything we have purchased up to this point is linked at the bottom of the post, I love how it just feels so clean and bright, with pops of color added in by the accessories!

My husband is currently building the vanity (we went with grey!) and I can't wait to share that, along with the lights and mirror we pick to go with it, after it is all complete.  For now, I am just happy that we have a place to give the girls a bath in again, I still cannot believe we made it through an entire summer with a two & five year old, and no working bath tub in the house!

Lastly, I wanted to share the sweetest line of spa products for little girls.  Poshy Girls recently sent us over the cutest spa kit, and the girls love it, mini facials sand pink glitter soap!!!!  The mini facial tub is pictured above in the last photo from the girls bathroom, it's a favorite at our house.  You guys must check them out, such fun products for little girls!  Happy week ahead, friends!

 Floor Tile -- Wall Tile -- Gold Fixtures -- Stool -- Shower Curtain -- Bath Tub 
(We got our tub in-store as the display model for $75, it was incredibly dirty and full of glass, so we bought it as is and cleaned it up!)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Five Fall Finds.

I can't even believe that October is over halfway over, where is the time going?!  As much as I'm ready to break out all the Christmas things, we are loving this time of year so dang much!!  Last weekend the weather finally cooled down, and in between some rainstorms, we were able to get out and explore and it finally felt like FALL!  Sharing five favorites for the season, I'm trying to hold out for all the holiday sales but goodness it is hard.

1.  I live in my green jacket each fall, and winter and spring, this one at Old Navy is so affordable and would go with everything.

2.  I got these boots for the girls last weekend, the pink lace details are just the sweetest and my favorite part!  I'm also eyeing these over the knee boots (for me!), love the color and they are currently 20% off.

3.  So much cuteness at Anthro right now, I just want to cuddle up in this throw forever!!  I'm also loving these bowls from their collab with Liberty of London.

4.  I can never get enough pairs of overalls, these are so good and perfect year round!!

5.  I recently teamed up with Kids Atelier on an outfit for each of the girls, and I love what they sent over!  Both pieces have the sweetest floral print, which makes them super versatile for now with boots & tights and then again in the spring with sandals.

The last picture from a little outing over the weekend, Avalon was definitely scooping off ice cream off the ground.  Choose your battles.

And happy Tuesday!!! XO