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Monday, October 23, 2017

Girls Bathroom Makeover Update

We started the girls bathroom makeover back in June, and it is still not entirely complete, so let me preface this post by saying that this is indeed one of the longest house projects of all time.  We are forever battling the time issue (like there is never enough of it), with two full-time jobs and two kids, we are BUSY.  But I always try to remind myself that there will come a day when our babies aren't babies anymore, and they won't want to hang out with us, and then we will be sad and have all the time in the world.  So for now, we will embrace and love the crazy (and the constant to-do's that come with it!).

When we moved into our house four years ago, the hallway bathroom was a hot mess, a pretty horrible 80's style avocado green and a vanity that was not in the best condition.  But we had so much we wanted to do in other places of the house, so we pretty much put that project on the back-burner since it was still in working condition.  Fast forward to the end of last spring, we gutted it and started from scratch!   We are not planning on this being our forever home (mostly because we want to be in a more rural area of VB), so we did the updates pretty classic and mainstream to make it more marketable.  We went with a grey & white ceramic tile for the floors, a white subway tile for the wall by the bath tub, and painted the walls white with white trim.  I have this thing with white.  I really wanted pops of gold (although I'm not sure how smart that is for selling, I just couldn't resist), and we found some pretty affordable gold fixtures on Amazon.  Everything we have purchased up to this point is linked at the bottom of the post, I love how it just feels so clean and bright, with pops of color added in by the accessories!

My husband is currently building the vanity (we went with grey!) and I can't wait to share that, along with the lights and mirror we pick to go with it, after it is all complete.  For now, I am just happy that we have a place to give the girls a bath in again, I still cannot believe we made it through an entire summer with a two & five year old, and no working bath tub in the house!

Lastly, I wanted to share the sweetest line of spa products for little girls.  Poshy Girls recently sent us over the cutest spa kit, and the girls love it, mini facials sand pink glitter soap!!!!  The mini facial tub is pictured above in the last photo from the girls bathroom, it's a favorite at our house.  You guys must check them out, such fun products for little girls!  Happy week ahead, friends!

 Floor Tile -- Wall Tile -- Gold Fixtures -- Stool -- Shower Curtain -- Bath Tub 
(We got our tub in-store as the display model for $75, it was incredibly dirty and full of glass, so we bought it as is and cleaned it up!)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Five Fall Finds.

I can't even believe that October is over halfway over, where is the time going?!  As much as I'm ready to break out all the Christmas things, we are loving this time of year so dang much!!  Last weekend the weather finally cooled down, and in between some rainstorms, we were able to get out and explore and it finally felt like FALL!  Sharing five favorites for the season, I'm trying to hold out for all the holiday sales but goodness it is hard.

1.  I live in my green jacket each fall, and winter and spring, this one at Old Navy is so affordable and would go with everything.

2.  I got these boots for the girls last weekend, the pink lace details are just the sweetest and my favorite part!  I'm also eyeing these over the knee boots (for me!), love the color and they are currently 20% off.

3.  So much cuteness at Anthro right now, I just want to cuddle up in this throw forever!!  I'm also loving these bowls from their collab with Liberty of London.

4.  I can never get enough pairs of overalls, these are so good and perfect year round!!

5.  I recently teamed up with Atelier Kids on an outfit for each of the girls, and I love what they sent over!  Both pieces have the sweetest floral print, which makes them super versatile for now with boots & tights and then again in the spring with sandals.

The last picture from a little outing over the weekend, Avalon was definitely scooping off ice cream off the ground.  Choose your battles.

And happy Tuesday!!! XO

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Pumpkin Patch

We made our way to our first pumpkin patch of the season last weekend, forever one of my favorite family activities of the year!  It's been unseasonably hot here, above 80 and not fall-like at all, but I was still determined to get us there to kick off all the fall fun.  We went early before it got too hot, but by the time we got in the car to head home, we were all sweating and both the girls ended up undressing before we even made it to the house.  Ha - this weather is SO crazy!

Our favorite little local pumpkin patch closed down this year, I always loved it because it was small, never crowded, and had the prettiest pumpkins -- so off we we went to the big commercialized one this time around.  This place has fair rides and hayrides and bounce houses and farm animals and every single fall treat you could ever think of (plus you know, the pumpkins), the girls were in heaven and it was all I could do to keep them off the rides the entire time.  A few hours, way too much money, a couple pumpkins, and lots of happy smiles later -- another year at the pumpkin patch in the books!

Tonight we have Waverly's Trunk or Treat at school, we surprised her with a Shimmer costume (from her favorite show, Shimmer & Shine) this week to wear and she was so excited, she actually told me last night that "tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life".  This year both the girls actually picked out their own costumes for Halloween night as well, it seems my days of choosing them and getting them together for weeks are long gone, but watching their excitement over them makes up for it.  I can't wait to see them tonight, I especially think Avalon is going to freak out when she realizes she gets endless candy over the next few weeks -- sweet girl fights real food most nights and only wants sugar, so this pretty much her dream come true.

Wishing you and yours the happiest fall weekend! XO

PS -- Waverly's dress is from Little Cottonwood and is no longer available, but here is a similar one!

Friday, October 6, 2017

School So Far

We are five weeks into the school year over here, time is flying and we are as busy AS EVER, but also are settling into a pretty nice routine.  I thought I would share an update on how each of the girls are adjusting so far, this is such a special time in their lives (as well as ours!), and I never want to forget any of it.

Our kindergartener!  Waverly's school went full day about a month before school started, so she leaves the house at about 8:15 AM and doesn't come home until 3:30 in the afternoon. Which just feels SO long!  She previously was in half day, three days a week, so going from that to her new schedule has certainly been an adjustment.  For all of us.  She is definitely more tired than usual, and has had her fair share of difficult moments which we chalk up to so much change, but overall, she has done incredibly well and is getting more used to things every week.  She loves getting on the bus each day (and insists on being the first one at the bus stop), loves setting out her outfits the night before school, and has made so many little friends -- including a "boyfriend" she told me about this week and also quite a few of the older kids at school as well.  Help us! ;)  It's been so much fun to hear her recite all the things she learns and to hear about lunch or PE, but also very bittersweet.   We are over one month in and almost every time I see her walk towards that yellow school bus with all those big kids, then yell "bye mom" and hardly look back, I get the biggest urge to run up, snuggle her back to her little newborn self and soak it all in just one more time.  I am even more convinced that watching your kids grow up is a constant battle of absolutely loving the person they are turning into and wishing you could just stop time and keep them little forever.

Avalon Elle, five weeks into her half-day, two day a week 2's class at preschool and told me this past weekend that "she was finished with school".  Ha.  She is so funny about it, as she is with most things, she will talk about how she is nervous to go all morning, and then goes and has the best time ever (then talks about how she can't wait to go back all afternoon).  She loves to list all of the names of her little friends in class and also to sing the songs she learned, her teachers tell us that she is happy all day and of course talks their ears off with her many stories.  One of her favorite parts of the day is walking Waverly to the bus stop and waiting there with all the big kids, watching them say bye to each other is the absolute sweetest and makes me melt pretty much every time.  She politely declined doing gymnastics like Waverly, and also has no interest in joining a dance class like the one we take Waverly to each week, but seems to eat up all the extra alone time she gets with me during that time (as do I!).  She is just so much fun right now, I can never get enough of her or her little vocabulary that is seriously mind-blowing, I can't imagine how much more she will learn in the months ahead now that she is in school!

A few pictures of our September, followed with some questions I asked the girls their first week of school that I never got around to sharing and definitely wanted to document!!

What is your favorite color?
Waverly -- Purple, Avalon -- Pink.

What is your favorite food?
Waverly -- Spaghetti & Meatballs, Avalon -- Chicken Nuggets & Fries.

What is your favorite movie?
Waverly -- Cinderella, Avalon -- Shrek.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Waverly -- Wonder Woman, Avalon -- Elmo.

What is your favorite thing to do?
Waverly -- Play with Superheros, Avalon -- Play with Cash.

What are you most excited for about school?
Waverly -- Playing on the Playground, Avalon -- Toys.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Purchasing A Car /

This post is a sponsored post in partnership with  All thoughts & opinions are my own.

I'm talking way out of my comfort zone today, about cars.  Even though I have one and spend a whole lot of time in it, I will be the first to admit that it's something I pretty much know nothing about.  Thank goodness for my husband, his oil-changing skills and the fact that he knew the right questions to ask when we went to buy our new car last year.  Because had I been alone, I would have been the car salesman's dream with my only qualifications for my new car of -- white, bluetooth, and enough room for these two little ladies.

We decided to upgrade our family car about a year ago, we previously had a Honda Pilot and liked it, but wanted something newer and that we could eventually grow in.  I originally was 100% on team mini van, for all the practical reasons, but after test-driving one I just couldn't do it (though I am forever jealous of all you mamas with automatic sliding doors, I am sure they are LIFE-changing).  We ended up going with a brand new Mazda CX-9, my favorite car I ever had (pre-kids) was a Mazda and my sister also ended up getting one the same day so we got a good deal.  I love it, it's roomy enough for what we need but also still feels like me.  It does have three rows, but for now, most of the time we keep the third down to have room for the double stroller and whatever else we need in the back.  We did end up going with white and a black interior, which has done pretty well with all the messes from the kids -- of course the first few weeks I didn't let them eat in there but now, there are goldfish and gummy snack piles for daaaaaays. ;)

After driving it for the past year I still love it as much as ever, but am pretty sure we will end up going with a bigger SUV in the future, one that has three rows and still enough room to store things in the back.  I recently teamed up with to look into their site and love the idea as using this as a resource the next time around.  It's super informative, both for buyers and sellers, and one of my favorite parts is the reviews section since I love reading reviews for anything.  There's also a place to compare cars, which I think would be super useful!  If you are the market, it's definitely worth looking into -- and if you are anything like me and love to find a reason to shop for just about anything, it's fun to look into either way!!!  Happy Thursday, friends!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fall Bucket List

We are just about one week into fall and though our weather has not gotten the memo, we are super excited for all the things that this season has in store.  Last weekend we brought out all our fall decor, along with some Halloween books for the girls, and that just always puts me in the mood so much!  Waverly is extra excited this year, she even "helped" me decorate the downstairs by putting our wreath with leaves on it wrapped around one of our houseplants and about 15 glitter pumpkins lined up across the wall.  Sharing our fall bucket list today, this is my favorite time of year for family activities and I can't wait to check them all off the list!

1.  Smores and a bonfire in the backyard.
2.  Make caramel apples and deliver to family.
3.  Soup Sundays.  We love soup so much and cannot wait to start this again.
4.  Leaf piles for the girls (one of my favorite memories at my grandparents as a child!).
5.  Make a Halloween Gingerbread house.  I actually picked one of these up at Trader Joe's last week to put away until closer to Halloween, and the girls found it and were determined to do it.  It ended up being a disaster and I couldn't figure out how to build it (anyone else try it?!!!), so I am going to order a PRE-MADE one this time.
6.  Visit the pumpkin patch.  (Probably at least 3 times!).
7.  Pumpkin carving night with friends.
8.  Adults Only Alabama Football Game.  I went to Tuscaloosa with my family last year for my first Alabama football game, and we are planning on round two next month!  Can't wait!
9.  Boo Zoo and Trunk or Treat Tradition.
10.  Make pumpkin bread and deliver to neighbors.  We actually ended up delivering apples to our neighbors after our trip to the apple orchard a couple of weeks ago, and the girls loved it so much that they keep asking to do it again.  It really was the sweetest thing, Waverly wrote their names on each bag and we took them to each house (including a boy in her class that she insisted on!), both of them were so proud and so excited to share what they had picked.  I am pretty sure we ended up taking at least a few apples with a bite out of them thanks to little Avalon Elle, but you know, it's the thought that counts.

Happiest fall to you!!!!  Hope it is off to the best start.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Apple Picking

I have been wanting to take our crew apple picking for as long as I can remember, and last weekend, all my dreams came true when we went on a family day trip to the most beautiful apple orchard in Charlottesville.  I knew the girls would love this, we go strawberry and peach picking each year, and it's always one of our favorite traditions.  Adding apples this time around was just the best, all four of us love apples (including Avalon, which says a lot since she usually doesn't like any foods aren't ice cream or lollipops).

The drive was a little over three hours, which honestly wasn't bad at all, we drove up early Saturday morning and were back in time for dinner (and Alabama football!) by late that afternoon.  The orchard was just incredible, every corner we turned had another gorgeous view and there was just so much to do.  After picking for apples, we got a few drinks and let the girls run around barefeet and play with tons of kids activities they had out, which was just the kind of relaxing we needed after a couple of chaotic weeks of back to school.  Waverly said "this is my favorite day ever", and Avalon hasn't stopped talking about the apple donuts and apple smoothies.  It really was the perfect way to kick off all the fall fun!

If you have an apple orchard near you, we definitely recommend it!!!  It would even be a really fun day date or place for a birthday party or shower (there were tons there that day & it was the cutest!). Also, Waverly's dress can be found here, I love it so much to wear all fall long!  Happy Thursday, friends!  XO